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12-07-2011, 07:20 AM
Lesson learned from Diablo 2: A good game is easy and fun to repeat.

Lesson learned from Update 11 & 12: Don’t change old content, make new (i.e. anyone noted how Shroud, Abbot, EDQ2 and EVoN6 suddenly disappeared from the LFMs? How EChrono and elite Shroud have become “caster only”?).

Maybe this will one day be a dream come true?

Update ??: New Epic Raid – Necro V, Demise of the Black Abbot

As the Black Abbot crumbles to dust in the hands before you, a whisper sails in your ear: “I will retuuuuurn…” You have defeated the Black Abbot, but something mysteriously remains.


Sir Rohine Stiedra: “You did it! The Black Abbot is finally taken to his grave. Hurry Mordiggian, talk to Knight Helmsley at the Travel Point. The Silver Flame must take this advantage to strike a final blow at the Black Abbot’s power source. Take this Tiara, Mordiggian, and god speed you!”

You receive an ancient Tiara. It looks unfinished. This tiara was found in an excavation of the Abbot’s tomb.

The caravan in Upper Necropolis now functions as a waypoint to The Tree of Doom where rumor has it the Abbot found the source for his powerful mind.

Tiara of the Abbot: This frame contains 8 pieces to be collected in the Tiara of Doom raid.

Tiara of Doom. This frame allows you to enter the black tree on top of the hill in the Orchard of the Macabre, once housing the Abyss’ Guardian, Cholthulzz.

Raid description: Defeat the ancient Doomsphere housing the Abyss. To enter the raid you will need to have the quest item from completing the Ascension Chamber quest or you will be instantly mind controlled when entering the raid.

New upgradable items have been added to this quest and it has a very high droprate of the seals needed to upgrade your items from the Black Abbot raid. This raid also has a chance to drop 1 of the 8 pieces of the Tiara you need to enter the raid on Epic.

Enter the Abyss. Epic raid, follow up to Tiara of Doom (see below).


When you kill Cho’xan you don’t actually kill him, you just bring him down to 10% life and he will turn friendly, just like Cholthulzz. As friendly you need to talk with him and he will spawn your treasure rewards, 3 chests for restoring him to sanity. When you have looted, you need to talk with him again to complete the quest and get on timer. When finishing, he will laugh at you, instantly kill the entire raid and vanish into thin air. So, like Shroud phase 4, be sure to have your looting done! When you have your full Tiara, you hand it in to the Silver Flame smith standing next to Helmsley in Upper Necro. He will exchange the frame with an item you need to equip when Cho’xan wants to kill you. Those of you who have the item equipped will survive his attack and will be able to see the portal he escapes through. The rest of the raid group will just die and see nothing. Clicking the portal will allow you to enter the raid on Epic, where you will still fight Cho’xan but at his current state with 10% xp. Although Cho’xan may seem to have little hp, he has gained some mysterious powers in the Epic Raid Enter the Abyss, drawing on the powers of Xoriat to heal himself and spawn allies that must be dealt with. Completing the raid will give a chance to get the token you need to upgrade your Living item to Epic ML20 and get your final upgrades (see below).

List of lootable items: "Living Scepter of the Abbot. When you hold this scepter in your hand, you feel as if the living presence of the Abbot is within your grasp. The power feels like it grows!" The raid drops a random number of “Living <blank name>” items, like Alchemical in The Master Artificer. The Living property is a prefix to the base item you need to upgrade in the epic raid, like upgrading Green Steel blanks. What enchants you want on your Living item depends on what you choose from a list of options found when you drop your item in the Fount of Necrotic Might in Upper Necropolis. Many of the options are similar to the enchants already found in the game, like Mabar, Crystal Cove, Lord of Blades and House Cannith Challenges, but these are only the non-Epic upgrades. To upgrade your living item, you need to “defeat opponents”. For each amount of creatures you kill, the Living item slowly generates craftable levels, like regular crafting. Each level of crafting raises the ML with 1. 1 has ML1, 2 has ML2 and so forth. The amount of creatures needed to be slain for an epic level 20 is about the same as the amount of killing needed to cap a 2nd life TR (i.e. if you actually get a Living item you can TR and have it ML20 if you wield it all the way). The xp needed for the item to gain a level can be seen if you inspect the item. It has its own "thirst" bar, which is the amount of kills needed to satisfy the next level. To upgrade your level beyond ML1, you will need craftable items that can be found in the Silver Flame quests and Quest Rewards. ML2-3 can be found in the Patriarch’s Crypt, ML4-5 in Tombs of Heart and Crypt quests, ML 6-10 in Delera and Tombs of Shadow and Crypt, ML10-12 in Tombs leading up to Cursed Crypt and the Crypt, ML13-16 in Necro IV quests and ML16-18 can be found in Litany, Abbot raid and Tiara raid. To upgrade to Epic you will need your completed Tiara and to defeat Cho’xan on Epic difficulty. This difficulty can only be unlocked and entered with the completed Tiara. To upgrade your Living item to Epic, it has to be ML18. Once epic is unlocked, you add your enchant and kill your way to ML20 where the enchants you chose will finally appear. The “thirst” granted by each mob scales with its at level CL. If the item is ML2, best xp is rewarded by highest CL at level 2 quests. So it is recommended to equip it when completing raids like ToD, EDQ, etc. when getting it Epicked. Finally, each item, when epic, can be cleansed by a cleansing item you can get as a 1 time reward from reaching 400 favor with The Silver Flame. Thus, once the item is cleansed, you may make and wear another or make a second version of the one you already got and leave it un-upgraded at a lower ML to ease your TRing.


Personally I believe this is a good example of how you can revitalize old content by building new content into it. Make it relevant again in new and exiting ways instead of just making it harder. Make repetitions funny by making them accessible. Tiara raid could be of a difficulty similar to Shroud or Artificer and the Epic version something like ToD on a hard difficulty.

Please +1 and/or bump this post if you like the idea or perhaps just want to see Necro V as outlined above.

Yours faithfully

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12-09-2011, 12:23 PM
Some interesting ideas!

The thing is the Abbot raid is sort of like the culmination of the Necropolis series, as it should be imo...
And I guess the new "upgradable" loot has put the nail in the coffin for an epic version of that raid (and Reavers sadly). Overall I dont think that the necro series was/is all that popular amongst the playerbase, but the Planescaller in the Twelve has Dolurrh (Plane of the Dead) listed as a possible location, so hopefully we will see that at some point. And Lammania too!, no not the test server 8)

But sounds like you have given it a lot of thought, and seems you have a good imagination.. Those Living Weapons sounds pretty cool.

So /signed and a free bump for you 8)

12-09-2011, 12:40 PM
OP I guess I am a little lost on the item descriptons. Do the proposed living items have craftable +X where X equals the ML of the item AND some other stuff? As you are describing it kind of sounds a little like the legendary items in LOTRO?

12-09-2011, 12:57 PM
Could be fun. As much as I hate necro 1, 2 and 3, Necro 4 is my favorite quest line, and Necro 5 with a new raid would be great.

But I disagree about not liking changes to old content. Shroud is still constantly running, maybe a bit less since Lord of Blades makes greensteel weapons less desirable. And EDQ2 and Evon 6 are both MUCH more fun now.

And caster only runs as well as FvS only runs are more and more common because they're extremely overpowered and the runs are smoother and more fun.

12-09-2011, 01:03 PM
Um, so a level 18-20 epic raid? :confused:

Also, didn't Diablo 2, pretty late in its game cycle, get a patch that made high-end content much more difficult? So, yeah...

12-09-2011, 01:07 PM
Thank you for your replies guys.

The Living items I thought of would gain levels (ML) like your experience. They tell you when they can be upgraded to next ML and you can choose to do that. So, if you want a super awesome lvl 2 Living item you can choose to not take the next level, and you can choose to upgrade it with your own level as you level.

The Living items level by "thirst" which is a system derived from experience points, which means it gains "thirst" in proportion to the xp you get or would get. This means the Living item gains bonuses from streak and bravery. I know, this would bias the end-game Living item leveling and therefore the ML18-20 Living item would need some adjustment.

The item description of the Living item should of course be that it drinks the blood and/or fear of thine enemies and therefore grows stronger as you leave a longer and longer trail of destruction on the path behind you.

The epic raid is Enter the Abyss. Level 18-20 is the Tiara raid.