View Full Version : New elemental weapons still seem bugged

12-04-2011, 08:34 PM
Just to continue on some of the things mentioned in various other posts - the majority of which have been buried or scattered, and not commented on by a dev. Starting a new thread in the hopes of getting a reply. Hey, you never know, Christmas is coming...

Comparing the T1 versions only, as the crux of the issues are there, and leaving out the longbow as that seems to be WAI as far as I can tell.

Level 16 Greataxe = +4 weapon, flaming burst, brilliance, metalline, incineration, greater COLD resistance
Level 20 Greataxe = +5 weapon, flaming burst, brilliance, metalline, greater incineration, magma surge, greater FIRE resistance.
- The level 4, 8, 12, and 16 versions have various forms of cold resistance. The level 20 reads fire resistance. Unsure if bugged, or simply a text error - didn't purchase one to actually test it out.

Level 16 Rapier = +4 weapon, screaming, roaring, sirocco, greater lightning resistance
Level 20 Rapier = +5 weapon, screaming, improved roaring, greater sirocco, slicing winds, greater lightning resistance.
- Textually, there is absolutely no difference between roaring and improved roaring. There is a thread already devoted to the differences here (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?p=2664393). Perhaps the text should finally be updated to show any differences? This is very confusing to the average gamer who will assume that roaring and improved roaring are identical.

Level 16 Khopesh = +4, icy burst, paralyzing, crushing wave, slowburst, greater FIRE resistance
Level 20 Khopesh = +5, icy burst, improved paralyzing, crushing wave X 2, freezing ice, greater COLD resistance.
- As the greataxe, all previous levelled versions have greater fire resistance. The level 20 version reads cold resistance. Again, didn't farm the mats to purchase one to actually test if bugged or a text error.

Additionally, the Khopesh is the only item to actually *lose* an ability going from 16 to 20. All 4 items seem to keep the same amount of abilities - with improvements, generally (i.e. sirocco -> greater sirocco; incineration -> greater incineration, etc.), and then given one additional ability (i.e. magma surge, slicing winds, frozen ice, disintegration). However, slowburst is no longer shown in the 20 version, but crushing wave is listed twice. Is slowburst intended to be removed, or is this simply a text bug?

Lastly, the khopesh and greataxe look to grant oppositional resists to their weapon's element, yet the longbow and rapier do not. WAI?