View Full Version : Time for Hirelings to be promoted

12-03-2011, 11:01 AM
Some of the hirelings clearly work better than others.

I would like to see those who are accepted to be working the best {Most used} be allowed to level up.

My choices would be:

1. Riana Montague - Lvl 1 Rogue Currently {New Lvl 1 H-Orc Artificer Hireling could be created as a replacement}.
2. Erythyn Veridyn - Lvl 3 Cleric Currently {Could join Maloren at lvl 4}
3. Kurik Forgewarden - Lvl 4 Fighter Currently {The Lvl 5 Fighter Ormol is a tank - Kurik is DPS. They would not clash}.
4. Kendra Estleton - Lvl 5 Cleric Currently {See below}.
5. Kelorn Gossinar - Lvl 5 Rogue Currently {Already has Rogue Mech PrE - Just needs to take the lvl he's clearly earned}.
6. Mareth Lorestryn - Lvl 6 Cleric Currently {See Below}.
7. Marissa Lorle - Lvl 9 Cleric Currently {Best Cleric at lvl of them all}.
8. Tempys Lorben - Lvl 14 Cleric Currently {This would leave a gap at lvl 14}.
9. Larafay D'Orret - Lvl 15 Fav Soul Currently {Do I even have to spell this one out?}.
10. Klin - Lvl 19 Cleric Currently {See Below}.

Now on the other hand certain hirelings are not known for their usefulness.

Two that should be demoted {My opinion}.

1. Arias Oreth - Lvl 6 Cleric Currently {Would be replaced at lvl 6 by Kendra}.
2. Flower - Lvl 7 Cleric Currently {would be replaced at lvl 7 by Mareth}.

I personally will happily use Kendra and Mareth over the other choices at those lvls.

Now with the promotion of Klin comes another opportunity - The True Reincarnation of Wyoh into a Lvl 1 Halfling Barbarian.