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11-16-2011, 09:47 AM
I have found some peculiarities in challenges and I don't think it is Working as Intended.

1. I mentioned this in the feedback for Extraplanar Mining: Buying Time.

To create some of the min. lvl 8 equipment, you need ingredients from a min. lvl 12 challenge.
Mephit Wings drop from Buying Time, which is min. lvl 12 and these Wings are used in creating lvl 8 equipment.
This can not be working as intended, right?

As far as I can see, there is a mistake somewhere in the ingredients from the Extraplanar Mining challenges.
It seems as if 2 challenges has switched place (namely Dragon Hoard and Buying Time).

2. There is a mechanic that gives bonus exp the more stars you complete.
In my solo runs, I sometimes complete 2 stars and still get the base exp, sometimes I complete the same 2 stars and get lots of bonus exp.
I was thinking there could be a factor involved I was not aware of, until I was in a group today, where one of us got the bonus exp and the other didn't.
This seems very peculiar to me. If it is working as intended, it could be nice to know why you sometimes get bonus xp for stars and sometimes not.
Edit: I saw someone elsewhere mention some kind of first time bonus for reaching a star threshold. That could probably explain what I have been seeing. I still think a better wording of the bonus could be good, to avoid misunderstandings....like mine *blush*

I hope this is the right place to put this feedback, if I should put it elsewhere, please let me know.

11-17-2011, 12:03 AM
1: not sure , didn't cove have items at lvl 12 with lower dungeon gem requirements ?

2: I had one run on my lvl 17 , ran solo at lvl13 diff.......... ended up with 3 stars and at the end recieved 13k xp

I was like wow nice , hit x and looked to see the base xp.

Mine read :

1 star - base xp
2 star - 100% bonus
3 star - 200% bonus

seems to be working like the way they coded it........

11-19-2011, 10:26 AM
I think Lilliana is pointing out the opposite problem: Lower level items requiring higher level dungeon. What you describe in Cove was being able to create items before you can use them yourself.
The problem with the challenge is that you can only make the item for yourself after you have already "outleveled" it - since you can already use the level 12 item instead.
It's not so much a problem as it seems odd to be breaking the pattern set by the other challenges.

In other challenges that start at level 12, you can only use the rewards to make level 12 and up items, and in challenges that start at level 10, you can make items that are level 8 and up. I.e., the lowest level item you can make is the one you can uses if you start doing the challenge at the lowest possible level.

However, Dragon Hoard starts at level 10, but the reward can only be used for level 12 and up items, and Buying Time starts at level 12, but you can make level 8 items from the reward. In this way they don't match what seems to be the pattern of the other challenges.

As for the star rewards, I think Lilliana is correct - the rewards are for reaching a number of stars the first time, so you only get the reward for reaching three stars the first time you reach three (or more) stars. I haven't seen anything in-game explaining that, and it was confusing until it was explained to me.