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10-26-2011, 06:05 PM
Challenges – Using Progressive Dungeon Scaling in connection with 5 Star Accomplishments

There has been some consternation over the lack of difficulty setting in the current challenges system. There has also been feedback from the Devs that they wish for Challenges to be accessible to players of a broad range of interests and ability – presumably the casual newbie and the power gamer alike.

What I’m about to propose won’t solve the difficulty setting problem in the existing challenge content but it might make an interesting compromise for future Challenge designs.

Why not have the difficulty setting built into the Challenge accomplishments themselves. Turbine seems to have Dungeon Scaling technology that can alter monster stats as players are added to the party – why can’t the challenge scale towards Hard and Elite as arbitrary increments/milestones are reached making the dungeon progressively tougher and the odds of achieving all 5 stars presumably more difficult. Turbine seems to have Dungeon Alert technology that can alter monster stats as players zerg through the quest – why can’t the same technology be applied at set increments to again make achieving all 5 stars something really special.

For example, say the base success of a challenge was collecting 100 crystal shards.

The first Star = 100 crystals
The second Star = 200 crystals
The third – fifth star are entirely different objectives that are not based on a numerical crystal score but are linked to it in some way.

0 – 90 crystals = Normal Dungeon Scaling
90 – 100 crystals = Hard Dungeon Scaling begins, Novice players can probably at least hold on to complete the minimum First Star objective with a push towards the end.
100 – 175 crystals = Hard Dungeon Scaling continues. Players may be able to complete one of the other three star objectives even if they can’t gather all 200 crystals.
175+ crystals = Elite Dungeon Scaling begins

The challenges would be more interesting to me if they were, well, a challenge. I will be much more motivated to repeat them if getting 4 or more stars is truly a special accomplishment no matter the level of the challenge setting. The content should accessible to everyone but only the first star – scale that for Normal for the bottom 20% of the playerbase. Scale the 5 star for the top 20%. Balance the 5 star so a full group of twinked out completionists coordinating well together will need to take several runs before they can reach this achievement.

11-02-2011, 05:59 AM

Yet another suggestion from somone who clearly hasn't put much playtime into the challenges.

Anyways good news:

What your talking about is already implemented. At least to some degree.

EG: Kobold island:
You will see a "difficulty level: X"
and it will raise as you gain more and more crystals almost exactly as you decribe.

They don't modify the dungeon scaling.. They just start spawning more and stronger enemies.

EG: Kobold island: chaos:
difficulty: 1 - the odd fishman only
difficulty: 2 - couple fishmen and a mudman
difficulty: 3 - big spawns of fishmens, couple mudmens.
difficulty: 4 - fishmen shamans come out and blast you with spells
difficulty: 5 - Orange named fishmen appear with massively increased abilities
difficulty: 6 - Pretty much everthing is orange named
Difficulty: 7 - Red named shamans, orange named everything. Rare spawn island Djniini appears to wreak havor

I think the cove-clone challenges have similar stuff going on.

Rushmoor doesn't have much like that... Tho it does seem to spawn more and more enemies out of the picture portals as you increase in score.

Regardless, its not a replacement for difficulty settings.

Because yes, difficulty level 7 enemies are crazy hard - for normal. But compared to any basic epic enemy, they are still pathetic. And it doesnt disable the shrines, or increase trap damage, or do much anything else.

The challenge being assigned only to maxxing out the stars also just goes against what the games been doing forever.. Providing better XP and loot for higher challenge. And while stars do provide some moderate XP bonuses, they dont appear to be enough to get players to run them much, and there are no additional loot, infact youll get less loot.

I mean U12 itself adds much better rewards in several elite raids.. Yet encourages players to play the ABSOLUTELY easiest possible settings in challenges to get the best loot. It's mismatched and counter intuitive to say the least.

11-02-2011, 07:09 AM
Yet another suggestion from somone who clearly hasn't put much playtime into the challenges.

You are right, I find the 20 challenge clones of U12 repetitive rather than distinct. I am not very inspired to repeat them - feels more like 4 quest masquerading as 20 (ore one if you count the crystal cove).