View Full Version : more then one essence trade,posted again

10-25-2011, 04:35 PM
i just leveled my crafting . yey!

was 75\71\70 in arcane\divine\elemental. im now proud to be 97\95\93 .

i don't mind the large essence cost which at 200 per greater came for a lot over 1mill pp.
i don't mind the 100+ hammer of success +20% i used.
i even don't mind the exp' +20% pots i drank like crazy.

but but clicking over 2000 times on the "trade" in the 1 to 5 greater to lesser essence trader . i mean my poor hand is still shaking.
they say that Carpal tunnel is the gamers illness but could you guys try and not help it evolve before im 50?

so. here it is again, after being seen from the first day. please.please.please! .allow us to break greater essences in larger numbers. 10's and 100's .we will be careful not to destroy what we will later regret, but come on. if u want us to have 192 lesser for each shard at high level. let us get there without the pain in the hand...
my guildies wanted me to quest with them once i finished crafting. i wanted too. now i gota go put some ice on my hand and will miss all the fun. typed all this with my left hand.took for ever.

do not let this thread die out.