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10-21-2011, 02:06 PM
Mysterious Portals have opened up across the Island!

Can you fight off whatever comes through the portals and still collect enough shards for your employer?

Feel free to leave feedback and discuss the Challenge Kobold Island: Short Cuts in this thread.

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10-22-2011, 03:43 PM
Ran this 3 or 4 times with Shade, 4-6 people per time.

Disabling the portals was pretty much a two person full time job, although there was 3-4 minutes left after we got it.

We never saw any Orthons. Do they only show up if you turn all the extractors way up? We never managed that, either, because of the very low amount of parts you can acquire if you're not trying to kill any kobolds.

10-22-2011, 05:25 PM
We never saw any Orthons. Do they only show up if you turn all the extractors way up? We never managed that, either, because of the very low amount of parts you can acquire if you're not trying to kill any kobolds.

There were orthons on our runs, I killed a few. Think they start showing up around alert lvl4-5.

Yea this one seems very difficult to 5 star given the parts limit. No canons allowed..

Tho when I killed some orthons the status never updated saying :24 left, like many of the objectives do.

Had we ignored all other star objs and focused on the orthon one I think we could of completed that..

But yea that doesnt work, you have to get all stars in the same run.

Really needs to some more incentive on teh stars other then favor.. There quite hard and unrewarding.

10-23-2011, 09:38 AM
Ran it couple times, once on 25, once on 15.

Challenge: 7/10 - This ones extremely hard, especially on 25 considering it's non epic. Tho to actually win and get plenty of ingredients, its not hard at all. Just the stars are hard.
Loot:2/10 - Essenitally has no loot. Yea you get some ingredients, which you really dont have to work very hard to get.
XP: 0/10 - XP is a terrible. Considering the difficulty, it should be high.
Renown: 2/10 - I think i got 10 renown total for like a perfect 5 star run from a random kobold kill
Overall Fun: 3/10 - Forcing players to mindlessly clicky portals for 10+ minutes isn't much fun.

This ones rather unbalanced:
Tieflings, devils, orthons - no problem. Just standard trash.
Red Named:
Like Disruptor: There insane, and not much fun.
The succubus on 25 litteraly had at least 75,000 hp. Considering you cant really send more then 1 person to fight her and still do well, and that she has a DC35+ long duration charm that prot evil doesnt stop.. Well yea, she kicked my ass. Well her charming me, plus 4 archers filling me with holes. I did kill her after, but it took several minutes and was a big waste of time.

I mean I want her to be tough.. But a gillion hp isnt tough, its tedious. 10k hp and mor dmg output would of been fine even for an epic version.. This was the NON epic version, and it kicked our butt.

We never managed an alert lvl past 3-4, so we didnt even see the hardest monster variations.

This is mainly due to going for the annoying stars:
Deplete portals - I tried this solo, I clicked portals non stop for 15 minutes, I was 1 short.. So it takes 2 people doing a very boring job to complete this. Bah. Stupid.. Pleaes change this to "destroy the portals" and give them standard shroud HP stats on 25 (12,000 hp) and higher on epic ~15,000. Clicking is boring.

Do not kill the kobolds - This essentially makes the other star:
Get 18 shards per second for 2min impossible. (actually that seems insanely hard even if that was your only focus)
Because you wil never get enough parts to fully upgrade your extractors to hit that level if you dont kill kobolds. So I dunno, but 5 staring this seems impossible as is.
Especially considering you have to 4 man the quest while 2 ppl play boring portal clickers.

Kil 25 orthons luitenants - possibly bugged. I killed a few, but no optional count appearned. Perhaps they werent luitenants? i dunno i thought they were.

Run 2 stats, 3 stars, barely. (http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/4281/shortcutss.jpg) (done on minimum lvl for star purposes)

Run 1 score was decent, over a 1000 since we killed plenty of kobolds.

So yea, not a fan of this ones setup. I like devils, i dont like million hp succubus and clicking portals for 15min.

12-02-2011, 09:31 PM
With only 10 minutes, it is clearly impossible to reach the 20 shards per second for 2 minutes goal even ignoring things like getting to the extractors, parts, and such, even buying the extra minute from the store, its still nearly impossible.

Further getting the parts to upgrade extractors necessary for the 20 shards doesn't seem even close to possible without killing kobolds..

Clicking the portals is still absurdly boring.

Getting enough Orthon Lieutenants to even spawn is also rather difficult...

Its defiantly possible to get your now 300 shards for completion even solo, but it is still defiantly the least fun of the kobold island ones, made far more annoying by no more invis change. Add to that the absurd difficulty of 5 stars even with the ultimate awesome group of epicness...