View Full Version : Canith rep

10-21-2011, 02:13 AM
Unless Challenges give Rep?.I assume we will get another pack this patch so that people will be able to get Artificers with Favor like they said ?

10-21-2011, 02:19 AM
challenges give you favor.

10-21-2011, 02:23 AM
guess ill never be a artificer then the current challenges seem to have nothing for me realty as a wf monk. Especially if the 5 per day IF you buy the pack stands. Also how will challenges effect streak bonus?

10-21-2011, 02:41 AM
prolly gonna do like for the cove. not gonna affect it. also, if you get favor with your monk, then you can roll an arty and challenges have something for him :)

10-21-2011, 03:24 AM
So how much favour do the events give? Anyone done a path of least resistance guess at least painful way to get artificer? (as elite U11 raids are out of some peoples reach).