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10-20-2011, 01:18 PM
While playing and Art I have found a lot of people that are playing them just don’t know how to use them or their dog. They also don’t know how to manage agro and seem to be the first one to die.
I am no expert, but I have a good idea on using my Art and dog to the fullest.

Solo as an Artificer- Fist thing is make sure your add points to your dogs intimidate skills. In a fight send your dog out and have him intimidate the mod. Then give him a second to attach. Now you can go to town with your xbow and rune arm even throw out a spell our two. I first made my dog with sneak attach but quickly change that for intimidate no point in sneaking when it is you and your dog. lol For your dog to get a sneak off you or something have to have agro. Most likely it is you that have the agro.
You dog can hold mob really well, which give you enough time to kill the mobs. It is also a good idea to cast flame Turret about were you are standing, just incase the mob brakes free from your dog’s agro.

While your dog has the melee attention you can pick off the casters and archers they have the fewest hp and you can kill them fast.

going into a room. Before opening a door cast Flame Turret (highter lv BB) just before going into a room. Have your dog open the door. Make sure you are standing far back. have your dog go in the room and intimidate the mobs. While he is doing that chick on your rapid shot and shoot up the place do forget to use your rune arm! When rapid shot is done cast some attach spells if necessary. I love shooting and using my rune arm at the same time.
Some times casting bb or flam turret right at the door is not a good idea. It all depends of the mob is right at the door or not.

Things to remember even if you have your dog in the attach mod he still will not attach if there is not mob near by. You will have to send him out to attack and intimidate.
Make sure you buff your dog. Every extra damage helps, and don’t for get to buff your xbow.

If one or two mob brakes free from your dogs agro do not call your dog back to help you fight. If there is still 2 mobs on your dog and you call him back now you have 4 mobs to fight!
Have a melee weapon for back up. When mob get close switch off to melee. It would be a good idea to have Insightful Strike which will use your Int for attack.

In a party-. Kind of the same as solo, but this time you have more people to manage your agro. Send your dog out like you will normal. Wait for a sec for them to grab agro and then start shooting and spell casting.
This is really true when you are at higher level! You might not be squishy but your no tank.

Healing. I will heal but only to top off or healer is out of sp. Yes I will heal someone if the healer is no were near by. Just common since. Sometimes it is good to remind them that healing spells take pots and pots cost money.

Remember your dog is a tool use it.

The build I am using is WF, range/casting type of build. There are many build out there so I am not going to post one.

You don’t need any special equipment just some good xbow and rune arms. Also remember you can add to your rune arm by crafting. I crafted something that would give me 50% to my eclectic damage. I have made a +2 great xbow with acid burst of good. Many Art out there does not add any crafting to their rune arm, which I think is a waste.

I know at low levels you can go into any room and clear it out with no one helping, but in high level quest you can’t do it as easy. Take your time and think things out when going in to a room.

I am still finding out about Arts so feel free to add any tatics or tips you have.