View Full Version : Chronoscope Elite need some people assitance.

10-10-2011, 01:18 PM
I want to do a Chrono elite at levels 6-8. On Thelanis Server.

It's basically impossible to get a pug group going.

SO... I am here to send out a calling forth to those who love a challenge.

Be between levels 6-8. Full group would be nice, (size of party will determine if we do all optionals) but short manning it would be cool to! (almost had it the other day)

If you are interested, you can send me an in-game mail to

" Galrothser "

Game running time will be most likely be in the evening after 19h00 est. time (that's 7:00 PM) during the week. Or anytime on the weekends/ holidays.

Respond asap please. and THANK YOU for reading this post.