View Full Version : Greensteel Deconsruction idea

09-29-2011, 07:55 AM
Ok since Cannith crafting came out and gave us the actual process to do it. now lets use that but modify it a bit. ok first off it would be great to strip the gs and get the blank if you messed up and maybe get a little back or deconstruct lose blank lose shards lose power cells but you gain so much % of tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 back if you crafter those levels. so for example

you could decon a lit 2 greatsword and get back 1 small devil scale 2 small arrowheads 1 small bone 3 medium sulfurous stone 1 medium bone 1 medium shrapnel 1 large bone 2 large arrowheads 1 large infernal chain

something like that. you always get x types back x % of getting d3 amount back. so if you were really lucky you could get all but you always got like 3 types per tier back. so at least they could try to get something then lose that gs they hated or accidentally made. Or the one that no longer is used. i dont know if anyone suggested this but i find it fair to get a little something but not everything back. i do think for sure NO CELLS AND NO shards should ever come back. those are easy enough to replace.