View Full Version : The Retooled Store UI-Thoughts

09-28-2011, 08:57 PM
While I am all for improving things as necessary there are a couple of things that seem out of place. d

On the home screen of the store your point balance is now in the upper left with the "Add Points" button below it. There is now also a "Welcome ....Buy more points" button on the far right center. It seems redundant. That space could be better utilized. I understand that it only appears on the front page, but it's on the front page!

The recent buys for your account are now displayed across the bottom. Makes it feel real cluttered if you've purchased 3 things recently enough. Having those there also takes away from the featured items' impact. If this were to remain in place at least make it less cluttered. Really though, this part should go back to the way it was... ..accessed from 'my account'.

The coupon banner at the top center seems ok at first glance but it makes one wonder... "Here's the 'coupon' on the store front page, why not just have the savings applied to the item(s)?". If nothing else, it complicates something that should be very streamline for effectiveness. Having the x% off Item Z at checkout would get the job done. Then you could use that banner area to advertise that particular 'special or limited time' savings. As it stands (speaking for myself of course) it would just annoy me enough having to go through an extra step to not purchase the item(s) at all.

Some of the daughter links need to be relocated and/or duplicated in other ones for easier access. Guest Passes shouldn't be sharing a tier with adventures. Adventures should go right into low,mid, high and guest passes should do the same(/account/adventures/Hi-Mid-Low). Guest passes should be 1 tier up(/account/guest passes/Hi-Mid-Low). Surely this is debateable but I think it would be beneficial to have easier/faster access to these.

Bags/storage should have a duplicate link under gear and crafting. Maybe it's just me, but where I can find weapons, questing tools, and armor I would expect to find bags/storage.

Quick buy- what is it and is it really necessary? Is there a lengthy buy? I just don't get it. The shopping cart icon is not only self explanitory but is used just about everywhere you can buy things online. How about quick buy? If Papa John's had it [quick buy] would my pizza get here before my cheesesticks if I used it? It would seem as though it suggests you are spending less time buying the item as opposed to other options. It used to be just 2 clicks post item selection to purchase it. Is it not this way anymore? How about this for efficiency: Use less buttons. Not only do they distract your customer from what it is they want to buy, they[extra buttons], more importantly, take up valuable retail space. If you want to make your customer feel as though they can quickly and competently purchase what they are looking for you can accomplish that by narrowing options which in turn expidites the process. Seriously, what's next? Layaway?
*Btw the notice that says "Quick Buy and Add to Cart buttons may have colored border." -useless. "Hello, [account name]" would be a little more personal/professional. Even if it said, "Hey, your characters are not too appealing aesthetically. Your should try some hair dyes!", it would be better.

Hey! I liked some of the things they put in there too!

I like the ability to be able to toggle from quan 4 w/descrip to list mode. List mode is pretty saucy when I think about all the times I had to keep hitting that arrow button(next page). Damn you arrow button!!!1!DIE!!1!1!eleven

I like that they cleaned up the main portion of the screen{solid color}. It makes it less of a strain when trying to read an item description.

Finally, 1 random request/suggestion:

I'm not sure if it has been mentioned previously but having a mouse over description for items would kick ass. It saves from relying solely on what is posted on its main page (if anything is mentioned) and having to click at least twice(once to the item and once back) to get a better description than its title. Actually it would even work if you spaced out a small area that functions like the viewing orb in game. Highlight the item and its description pops up in the designated area. Of course just a standard mouse over box (like we get for things on our hot bars) will do:)