View Full Version : Pre-screening items before they go into inventory: Gaining the ability to say "No!"

09-24-2011, 01:37 PM
It would be great if players could refuse to pick up items that they specify in advance. Thus, if you prefer that your rogue not pick up trap parts, then you set that up in the "Options" menu and your rogue would no longer pick up trap parts. The same principle could apply for specific collectables, ingredients, or other gear. It would probably be most appreciated if players could specify categories of items and/or specific items. Thus, for example, a player could decide to no longer pick up "Goldscuttle" collectables, but could take other collectables, and so on.

This might be quite a bit of work; you might even need to create a new layer of code in the "gear handling" subroutines, which operates separately to screen out unwanted gear. However, it would probably also be highly appreciated by players, as the ratio of "junk" they spend time handling, relative to all gear, would go down a lot.