View Full Version : The bloated Dev Tracker

09-24-2011, 12:01 PM
1) Thank you Maj for your end of week communication. It's exactly what everyone's wanted for a LOONG time here in DDO land. Really, we're almost /crying with gratitude.

2) The Dev Tracker now has lots of End of Week with Maj posts. Actively clicking each one, keeping track of which you've clicked, and going back to get the next one, is, frankly, annoying. I don't want to read the whole thread, just the dev posts, and it's annoying. But, don't cut down on the number of your posts to fix this. Please, please, for the love of goddess please, just post more.

Solution: Add the small pop-up window that shows the preview text of your post when you hover over the link in the dev tracker. It should be fairly simple to add. You already have it on the front page new posts.