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09-24-2011, 06:57 AM
I realise something like this has been suggested (probably many times) before, but I still think it'd make a great addition to the game. Prepare yourself for a big (broken-up into chunks, but still a) wall o' text:

Players access this dungeon via a swirling portal that has opened up in Stormreach.

Random Dungeon.

Has level settings of 1-22.

Power-levelling negatives apply as usual.

Monsters and lay-out are randomly generated.

Rare, extra-tough monsters also have a chance of being generated.

XP is based on what is defeated by the party as a whole - non-standard XP system. If they've had a super-tough fight, they deserve rewarding for it.

Only ever spawns level-appropriate random loot (no special items).

Chance of randomly-placed traps and puzzle chests (completing puzzle unlocks chest).

No respawning monsters - once it's clear, it's clear. We don't want anyone moving in and staying for a week, just to KILL MOAR...

Size-option - only have time for a quick Haverdasher-size adventure before dinner? Choose tiny. Want an sprawling dungeon crawl that may last an hour or more? Choose vast.

Size determines spawn chance of shrines. Larger dungeons need to provide player opportunity/ies to recharge their blue bars/resurrect.

Chaos Crystal of Completion - players must find it and then, at any time subsequent to discovery, may break it to signal completion of the dungeon and trigger calculation of final XP. Breaking this crystal will 'collapse the portal' and return players to Eberron.

There are no limits to or XP hits for running this dungeon - if someone wants to level up in a random dungeon for twenty levels, just let them! The lack of named/super-powerful loot will be a disincentive to anyone doing this, but if they enjoy it and keep coming back to play, why not let them go crazy with it?

The reason for this dungeon? It keeps the game fresh at every level and offers a dungeon alternative to relatively-static wildernesses.

The game can become dull when all static adventures have been completed and repeated at every level, especially if a player has been around for years and has run Korthos (for example) many, *many* times over. This offers a new and unique experience every time it is played and at every level. Even if new packs are taking a long time to complete, this gives players something new to do while they eagerly wait for new, properly-designed quests.

The lack of a unified theme for the dungeon will mean the players have no idea what to expect in the next room. One common player complaint is that some dungeons/chains largely contain the same monsters, e.g. endless skeletons in Necropolis or hobgoblins in Tangleroot (it makes sense, but can become dull wading through large amounts of the same monsters). The variety of monsters in this dungeon would keep the player's attention and keep adventuring fresh and fun. It'd also give them opportunity for a break, mid-Catacombs, etc., to alleviate any feelings of repetition.

A repeatable, random dungeon will take some of the pain and repetition out of being a TR2. It gives an alternative to repeating the same dungeons over and over, and negates the need that some feel to "window-farm". It can also revive player fun between repetitions of quests, should they wish to do that, and provide handy XP for all players when they are just slightly short of XP for their next level.

This dungeon is not a requirement in any way, and it provides zero favour and only random loot. It can therefore be ignored by anyone who doesn't like the idea of it and their gaming can continue with less-chaotic, more beautifully-designed questing.

Thanks for reading this, if you made it this far!