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09-23-2011, 06:24 AM
I realize this has been an issue for a long time and you guys say your fixing it, but we have yet to see a change.
There are several issues with this that need to be fixed and soon, of course not to say the Crystal Cove should be main priority right now this has fueled alot of in-game rage and anger but i understand you guys are doing the best you can.

Once that issue is resolved, you might wanna think about sorting the MyDDO out.

1, The fact that characters are NOT updating properly is leading to people not getting into some groups like Elite ToD for instance, if the party leader can't check out your toon on the MyDDO he/she can only take your word but thats not always enough.

2, Guilds are showing members that do not belong to the guild anymore, which does cause upset for some guilds as they may have kicked a member for being unbearable and dont want his name up there showing they had him in guild, fine its not a huge problem but i think it should only show those members currently a part of the guild AND show the real current leader of the guild.

3, People who make characters, deleted them and rerolled them with the same name, have the problem of not ebing able to win the lottery like myself, it shows they're toon as lvl 4 or whatever lvl they were before they deleted them and showing duplicate toons with the same name. If the game does not allow it MyDDO should not allow it.

4, Anyone who has deleted a toon should have the option to remove that toon from the character list if they so wish, maybe give us a delete button?? and make it a little easier to decide which of our toons we want to show linked to our profiles and which we dont.

5, Character bio, just an idea, but seeing as some people dont want some of their toons linked to their profile, or even if they just want to write one up for fun, maybe think of adding in a bio for the characters, kinda like bio in-game but with more or a limit to what we can out in right now, kinda like a backround story or a little history about the toon or future gear plans so on.

Ok so not everybody uses the MyDDO but for those who do i think it would be nice to have the feature working properly so then more may want to use it, giving players more to do. Bringing more to the players will keep them interested more and therefore keeping the community happy.

Thats just my opinion.

Thank you.

09-28-2011, 08:02 AM
I agree! :)

09-28-2011, 10:24 AM

I wouldn't take random people to elite ToD, Hard or higher LoB or even Epic Chrono. I use myDDO for higher difficulty stuff, and for those people who's myDDO doesn't work, they don't get to come. I always feel like a ****** for declining people, but I get tired of failing raids and look for tight groups.

If myDDO works better, I wouldn't have to feel like a ****** nearly as often!


09-28-2011, 10:26 AM
I agree! :)

I disagree. :eek:

MyDDO is broke, has always been broke, will always be broke. It belongs in the trash pile along with all the other stuff that is broke.

Don't waste a moment of development time trying to make it work. Instead, close it down.