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09-21-2011, 02:45 PM
First I will apologize in advance if any of this sounds like a rant. I love the new Artificer class and most of the changes that have come with Update 11. I have however found a great deal of bugs, and things I thought were bugs and then later found were intentional, which has led me to some suggestions regarding the newest update.

1: Update Feats to specifically state things that are and are not included. A good example: "Rapid Shot" states "You can fire ranged attacks faster and reload faster when using ranged weapons". That is the description of the feat, however, it appears to have no affect at all when using a repeating crossbow, which in case you haven't noticed, is a very popular ranged weapon right now. I do not know how or if it works on throwing weapons, but it should specifically state what ranged weapons it works with. I much regret wasting my free feat exchange to get this feat after getting rid of extend spell, which brings me to my next suggestion.

2: Extend Spell & Artificers... REALLY? That's all I can think to say. The artificer is filled with duration based spells. Enchantments, Augmentations, etc. Common sense would tell one that most of these spells are ones that would work with extend spell. It is listed as a class feat and it's very nature screams that it would be a good mix, yet even spells that it works for on other classes, it does not work for with an artificer. My suggestion, take it off as a class feat so people don't think it actually works for them, or make it actually work with artificer spells.

3: Flame Turret, once again, really? This spell was severely nerfed coming out of beta because it was OP, but do you realize the lack of information you provide to people who would take this spell? It's a "Flame Turret" yet I am assuming enhancements that increase fire damage does not work on it, as does not potency, as does not empower. Now, I know this was likely intentional and why they made it a summon spell, probably to keep multiple summons of it from existing like firewall and blade barrier. My suggestion, make it a level based damage so it's not useless end game or OP early in game, make it useable and scalable with feats, enhancements, etc. and if you want, make it so only one can be summoned at a time. If you're not going to do this, at the very least let us know what the stats on it are such as how much damage it does. I know we don't get this information with normal summons, but at least with them we have the basis of the in game monster to go on.

4: Buffs not showing up. Okay, so you've made it so extend spell does not work with our buffs, as annoying as that is by itself, to make it so we can't even see buff durations. I don't care if it's a buff on our "weapon" and not us, or our armor, or whatever. I honestly cannot see any point in not only making our duration based spells not work with extend spell, but then to make it so we can't even see the duration we have? All I can say to this is it's something that is unnecessary and just irritates a lot of people.

5: Crafting Beta? Why tell players that crafting is no longer in beta when there are still major bugs to be worked out? For example, I can disenchant a module, but I cannot enchant the blank it produces. I used to be able to disjunction returning throwing weapons, I actually have blanks for returning silver throwing weapons. Yet now, we put a returning throwing weapon into the item deconstruction machine and it appears to just freeze the machine. So my suggestion, if you do not intend to fix these matters quickly, put the Beta notice back up, when it's not in beta, people expect it to actually work.

6: More on Crafting: I don't know if people that have tested this in beta have spent any time training high level crafting. When you are crafting items that require hundreds of lesser essences, it is ridiculous to make us click a trade button 40 times and more for one item. When I craft in bulk I wish I had a rapid fire button I could lock down as I have at times had to click that button over 500 times in a single sitting and am more frequently limited in crafting to the amount of times I'm willing to click a button than I am the amount of materials I have. Any long time gamer can relate, this is more annoying than buying potions was in final fantasy 1, which was over 2 decades ago, surely our method of input has improved in the last 20 years haven't we? My suggestion, find a way to make it like buying items from vendors that are stackable so we can ctrl click it and choose a number rather than button mashing our mouse for 20 minutes.

7: Hidden Effects on Items: Now, let me start by saying, I suppose this adds mystery, but honestly is not really necessary. If you're going to put it on an item, you should state you are. A perfect example of why this is... I just paid 70,000,000 gold, or in the new standards, 7 MILLION Plat for a docent of defiance, the most rare and sought after docent on my server, and likely the game. All of this for the two "hidden" effects it has, the main one being that it supposedly has "20 DR/". Well, after spending my fortune on the most expensive docent in the game, I realize there is no such effect. I have taken a level 13 wiz and fought level one characters on casual mode, to watch my combat log. No such effect is in my character sheet or anywhere else and according to my combat log, that DR 20/ does not exist. Yet, the games economy does not know this has been changed, and thus players spend more money for this Fairley useless docent than any other docent in the game. I would also like to point out, the is a melee sorc build that hundreds of characters in this game have made that is built around that "hidden effect" that have now been ruined by this removal of an effect that's not even acknowledged was there. Now, I have read some people say it's a "Proc" and not a steady effect, which is all fine and dandy, however, on a dog which none of it's buffs or procs are ever displayed, how would we know if it does anything?

8: Information, Information, Information... GM's are not allowed to give technical details to players, which is unfair to the player. I understand they can't give me information on the game such as how to solve a quest, but when there is technical information that is not posted, is not listed in the game, is not in FAQ or knowledge base, or for the most part published anywhere by anyone, how the heck are the players supposed to know? I guess in a game where people have to pay store points to fix mistakes, it's profitable to give them as little information as possible, but really, as an whole it's deceptive and unfair to the players to have nowhere a player can go to ask technical details and be ensured a correct answer. Especially during times of updates with extreme amounts of bugs, systems should be in place to know details such as things like whether the feats work correctly with specific weapons. Little things like having damage on the hover over updated for things like maximize, potency items, etc. instead of just the SP cost would make a great deal of difference to players.

9. Fix Devil Assault and retroactively give players back their streaks! I guess that's a bug report and a suggestion. It's unfair for players that worked hard to have that streak going since character creation to have a quest tell them it won't break it, then break it anyway.

So yeah, this is just a few suggestions. Hopefully they provide some insight and helpfulness on how the players see the changes that are taking place.

09-21-2011, 04:30 PM
My prediction U11 bug will be fix in U18+ , Turbine still trying to fix bugs from game release. Problem is they constently break stuff they already fix.

09-21-2011, 04:37 PM
7) Docent of Defiance still works, it will display the proc in both your buff bar and in floaty text.

9) Hard Devil Assault didn’t break my recent hard streak, dunno about other difficulty settings.

09-21-2011, 04:40 PM
First I will apologize in advance if any of this sounds like a rant.

Do you really think this is not a rant? Not saying there are not useful suggestions in it, but it's about 75% rant.

Hint: Anytime you make a statement, followed by "REALLY?" this is a rant, not a suggestion.

09-21-2011, 05:22 PM
Rapid reload has been making my artificer reload his repeater much faster, I believe it does affect them

09-21-2011, 06:33 PM
Rapid reload has been making my artificer reload his repeater much faster, I believe it does affect them

His first point refers to Rapid Shot... not Rapid Reload.

Artificers get Rapid Reload for free.

09-22-2011, 11:49 AM
I have done every quest on elite since making my character, except a few quests that were solo only. My elite bravery streak was almost 70 when I ran Devil Assult. Now I did not check specifically afterwards, however I ran only one other quest in Three Barrel Cove, which I ran on elite, and then I took my level. Now I did not even look at the streak in TBC, but I was running it with a guildie who was the same level also working on his streak. When I went to House P and went to run my next quest and I noticed it said I had 1 and 1 for my bravery streaks, which would mean the TBC one was the first quest on my streak. The only other quest I did was soloing Devil Assult.

And as I said, I apologize for it sounding like a rant. The points to be made were valid points and not intended as a rant at all, so take that for what you will, however keep in mind that at the time I wrote this I had to make myself log out of the game out of anger after finding out my streak was broken when it should not have been and being told by a GM basically, "Sorry about your luck".

I have played DDO since the beta and have been pay to play since it launched. When you combine the DDO store stuff that needs to be purchased plus the vip membership, I've easily spent more money on DDO than any other MMO I've ever played. Sadly I must say, in all the years with all the seemingly endless bugs I've dealt with, I can count the number of times a GM has been able to help me with them on one hand. So yes, there was a bit of frustration while writing this.

Stuff like this causes a great deal of frustration. Even the most loyal of players with more good thoughts of the game than most can become irritated like anyone else.

As I said before, I actually really like U11 however the lack of information provided it combined with the excessive amount of bugs does have a tendency to taint it.