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09-21-2011, 12:21 PM
Maybe this has already been suggested, and I know there are a bunch of ideas, but I thought I would put this out there, since I feel there needs a different way then all these rings in one loot table, and now with new prestige classes coming out, even more rings that would need to be added, making the table even bigger.

How about, there is only 6 rings that drop, all just +6 stat rings. they do nothing else till unlocked. So if you see a strength ring it can be unlocked into any of the fighter, barbarian and paladin rings. The first tier would use small recipes and would unlock the +1 exceptional stat and the would give the ring its identity for the set bonus. The recipes could just be the same as the shroud invasion (small) recipes, for example, for Oremis could use the recipe for flaming (you do not get flaming it just unlocks a wisdom ring to have +1 exceptional strength and give the set bonus). Also needed would be a 6 trophies, so 15 to craft it fully. (this may also give incentive to run on hard or elite for more trophies)

Now the drop rate on just the six rings should still stay low, and maybe be lowered a bit more, but it will help getting the ring you want, albeit with a additional crafting step and more runs needed for the trophies. Also I would say, with this, no clearing of "incredible potential" should be added or needed. Since it will be slightly easier to get a desired ring, if you want to make another or a new one of the same type just got to find another blank ring of the right stat.

No change would be needed to existing rings, all rings in game would just stay the same as if they were already unlocked, only future drops would need to be blanks. Also, this may make it easier to add new rings for the new prestige classes, just add a new recipe to a certain stat ring.

This is not a plea for easy loot, and the blank rings should be low, but looking for a more reasonable grind. We have rings for prestige classes not even out yet or that even look like they are on the horizon, and now prestige classes playable in the game, but no set?!!!

09-21-2011, 01:24 PM
Seems to be a well thought out, constructive idea. Could possibly get rid of the ridiculous scramble for Kyosho's Ring.

I like.


One note though - what would the 20th reward be? Same list, basically tier 2 (by your method) rings plus a chance at +4 tomes?

09-21-2011, 01:58 PM
Sure, why not.

09-21-2011, 02:22 PM
I just want to point out +6 Con is not available on a ring so its 5 stats not 6.

also FvS PrE names have been around for a long time, no rings.

same applies for many PrE's yet they had rings.
most rings don't work. They have been around to long to change them to benefit those lacking PrE's or rings. It has been said they would install somthing for those classes lacking ring in future content. Have yet to see this sure there are nice items with the new stuff but nothing adapted to T3 AoV only benefit, but to much drama will insue if they did. Why are they getting such specail treatment. Monks received slot bonus in TOD to make up for no GS handwraps really a net loss there imho.

blah blah TL soapbox continue pointless.

09-21-2011, 09:08 PM
It's approximately two years too late for suggestion radical changes to TOD loot.

If the devs were willing to change something, it would only be something like fixing up some of the bad rings or maybe (even less likely) adding a few more. They wouldn't want to go through and re-do the whole concept, regardless of if the suggestion would've been a better idea in the first place.