View Full Version : Suggestion on new Raids.

09-16-2011, 09:23 PM
So the new raids where they upped the hp/fort/ overall beastlyness of all bosses with out upping the loot tables kinda sucks. Here is some constructive criticism:

hard to complete a raid with out resources. some raids numerous resources
no loot changes.

I've heard some of the following:
"yay this is awesome i like the challenge keep it!"
"boo this sucks!!!!!!" ...../ragequit
" i quit my healer."

Here is my suggestion; make it an option. for example you will have the choice to revert to 'normal' elite. the 'normal' elite will have same loot table/ drop rates/ as pre u11. Boss' will also have pre u11 hp/fort/'beastlyness'

how ever for those who want a challenge and like the idea of the more difficult raid make it an option for something like 'actual'elite. where the bosses are just as they are in u11 but the loot tables are upped/drop rates.

this caters to both play types/styles/ player skill.

Thoughts ?

09-16-2011, 09:42 PM
Some,most raids were too easy, loot drops appropriate.
Now raids are more in line with difficulty. Lesson, should have
got my gear earlier/faster, now work for it.

Enjoy the game as you can, not every level of difficulty is for every
player, loot wise, the tougher the encounter? should have better
loot prospects, but not higher than the previous "easy mode".

Just because it may be tougher now, doesn't mean the rewards should be
higher ........ it should have been tougher the whole time.