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09-16-2011, 07:43 AM
Ok, this is utterly my fault i admit. I only read the info on the heart in the shop discription. Wanted to LR my cleic into a fvs....so I bought fvs, re read info on the heart....only says cant change name race alignment, ok cool....I go ahead and GAH, I find out in the reroll screen that I cant change class...

If I had read the info the wee chap gives you when you hand in the wood I would prolly of seen it says no class change...I assume anyway

On one hand it wasnt a great loss...I wanted to redo her stats and look anway, and will now just have to TR her into fvs. But please, add NO CLASS CHANGE to the info in the shop window.....just to help warts like myself if nothing else.

Anyone else been stung by this?

09-16-2011, 09:33 AM
Actually no. For one very important reason.
There are hearts in the store that are +1 to +3 Lesser and Greater Reincarnation.
Just taking a minute or two perusing the available options should be enough to help a person make a more informed decision.
Those +1 to +3 options allow that many class changes to be made.
The non plus hearts do not explicitly say that any class changes are allowed, so there are none to be had.
Get to 20, TR and gain the benefit of the past life tacked onto your FvS.

09-16-2011, 09:38 AM
Anyone else been stung by this?

You're definately not alone. I've seen other posts about the difficulty in understanding all the options..

There are quite a few places in the game where reading something a few times and researching it pays off.

Greensteel and Resurrections seem to be on the top of the "Make sure you understand before you start" category..

The good news is that your choices are completely fixable.. For a price. ;)