View Full Version : Remote Item Deconstruction.

09-13-2011, 05:17 PM
I think this is a pretty cool item, and I can see it being usefull in some situations... But really, 2 minutes (1 use) for 50 points? That seems like a total scam. I liked it better on Lamania when it was 10 uses (20 minutes of total remote deconstruction) for 50 points much MUCH better.

If you are saying the convenience of clearing inventory space in the middle of a raid or dungeon is worth 50 turbine points, well ur wrong.. its not.. I would rather just throw away my vendor trash then spend 50 TP to get maybe 300-500 lesser essences and a couple greaters (and not to mention unless ur carrying an ingrediants bag those essences take up inventory space too!). Sorry.

Just my 2CP thought!

Suggestion: Please make it 10 uses for 50 points instead of 1... (Like it was on Lamania)