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09-10-2011, 11:10 AM
This is a solution to the DDO puzzler. This may not be the correct forum. If you have an alternative please make a suggestion.

The puzzle:

This is the Barbarian UMD puzzle, inspired by Deathbunny of Thelanis. Deathbunny is a half-orc barbarian. She is a half orc barbarian with UMD. That’s the skill, Use Magic Device. Most barbarians don’t use it because it’s not a class skill, but Deathbunny is a special kind of girl.

Last time we ran together, Deathbunny was frenzied, tearing away at some devils, when suddenly the cleric dies. Deathbunny kills the last devil, then a second later she is holding a scroll, then suddenly the cleric is alive again.

This puzzle asks, how can Deathbunny use a raise-dead scroll?

Obviously, as a barbarian, she can’t cast raise dead as a spell. But she can scroll it if your UMD skill is high enough, and if you would stop raging for a minute. A raise dead Scroll has a difficulty of 36, so you need a UMD skill of 35. You roll d20 and add at least one point to your UMD skill score, UMD 25 is a 50% chance of success. Need ot roll 11 or better. UMD 35 is no-fail combat raise dead, That’s what you want. 35 UMD on your Half-orc barbarian.

Here are a few facts about Deathbunny:
I did confirm that she can get her UMD up to 35.
She is a half-orc. You started out with 6 base charisma. You didn’t spend any stat points on CHA. Actually she put all her level ups into STR. Barbarian. Strength. Duh.
You are a capped, level 20, pure barbarian, so UMD is not a class skill for you. However, you have plenty of skill points to max out UMD at 11 ranks.
You are a barbarian. You are feat-limited. You can’t waste a feat on Skill focus: UMD. You cannot use past-life feats.
No action points. You wouldn’t want to waste AP on this and I don’t think there is anything you qualify for as a pure half-orc barbarian that would help your UMD anyway.
There was no bard or monk there to boost her skill. This is limited to self-buffs.
Assume that she will equip some items to boost UMD score. Once you equip items for UMD, turn off your rage, and raise the cleric, you will swap back to fighting gear and rage on. You want to hold a raise dead scroll in your meaty fist, but otherwise you can use any item slot to raise your UMD skill.
She could use any item in the game, regardless of minimum level, favor requirements, cost, or grind, to raise your UMD skill.

Once again, NO stat points, no feats, no AP. Essentially you are raising your UMD score to 35 without compromising your DPS in any way.

What you can use: items, potions, clickies, guild buffs, tomes. Anything that doesn’t compromise your DPS.

How do you get your Half-orc barbarian UMD score up to 35 without compromising DPS? Here’s a hint: with some rare items and self-buffs, you should be able to get her UMD to at least 42 if not higher. More than enough for the raise dead scroll. To get to 35 UMD, Deathbunny actually uses only items that most players pickup during the general course of play if you play often.


The Half-orc barbarian started with base 6 CHA.

+2 CHA tome
+6 CHA item
+1 exceptional CHA (DT armor or any epic slot)
+2 exceptional CHA (ToD ring)
+2 guild ship CHA shrine buff
+3 potion of Influence (from Maxon the Dreamwalker, Ritual Paraphernalia Collector, House D)
+2 Essence of Seduction Yugo pot

+7 to UMD skill 24 total CHA from base 6

+3 enhancement spyglass
+6 gs or GS and DT
+5 competence seven finger gloves
+2 luck

+4 GH planar gird/ draconic neck
+3 potion of Eagle’s Skill (from Maxon the Dreamwalker)
+1 Phailan Inspiration ship buff

11 ranks

42 UMD

Correction: Phairlan ship buff does not appear to be working. Either it is bugged or doesn't stack with something else listed. The explanatory text of the Buff does not list what type of bonus it is supposed to be. However it appears I am stuck at

41 UMD

that’s 6 UMD higher than you really need.

Please comment if you can come up with a higher number (without violating the conditions above).

Thanks for playing... There's a new puzzle on the show this week.


09-10-2011, 11:18 AM
The Phailan Inspiration ship buff is a +1 luck bonus, same as the Voice of the Master and is superseded by the Head of Good Fortune's +2 luck bonus.

09-13-2011, 08:16 PM
Not much of a puzzle if you put the solution 2 lines below now is it...
Also the ship buff is a luck bonus.

09-24-2011, 01:14 AM
She compromised her DPS when she swapped to umd gear. The puzzle is a lie.

09-24-2011, 01:59 AM
Base 6
+2 tome (reasonable)
+6 item (reasonable to have slotted to prevent CHA drain helplessness, could be epic slot or a random +6 somewhere)
+2 exceptional CHA (Assuming 2 ToD rings for max DPS, the other would have +2 STR)
+2 Guild shrine
+2 Essence of Seduction Yugo pot
+2 potion of Influence (from Maxon the Dreamwalker, Ritual Paraphernalia Collector, House D; could go to 3 if you have +1 exceptional CHA elsewhere for some reason to get another +1)
+6 total to UMD from 24 CHA

+3 enhancement from spyglass
+2 Good Luck slotted in an epic (like the spyglass :))
+6 Greensteel (assuming two greensteel items, can mix and match the HP bonus tiers, like +5 CHA skills/+10 hp/concordant op for the HP proc, the other +1 CHA skills and HP tiers on a heavy fort item, etc.)

+4 GH planar gird/draconic neck
+3 potion of Eagle’s Skill (from Maxon the Dreamwalker)

11 ranks of UMD

35 UMD - the only thing from the above that would be considered DPS loss is if you are swapping the spyglass in for a Bloodstone or something similar. Otherwise the above is quite reasonable to assume :) More swapping could involve the Big Top, a specifically built GS weapon for the exceptional CHA, etc.

Nice one, OP. Cheers!

09-24-2011, 02:14 AM
Tho I have to agree with getting UMD as high as possible on any character, including å barb, I choose to just make a tier II pos/pos GS weapon :D