View Full Version : dev communications I'd like to see:

09-09-2011, 02:34 PM
how about a permanent "closed thread" for the devs to post in that gives us updates/info so
it's all in one place. closed to posting by forumites but not to turbine employees.
anytime they make a post in that thread, also create a seperate discussion thread in
a "updates from turbine" folder. this would keep all the garbage spammed by the
community from confusing people and make it easier to keep track of official info.
by spammed i mean, every time a dev starts a thread it's about 15 pages in 2 hours.
no matter what info is in there, i'm not reading 15 pages to find out about it.

If something changes in the "official" info, they can edit the post in the update thread then
delete(lock whatever) the old discussion thread and start a new one for the changed info.

We already have a "official turbine discussions" folder that they could use for this purpose.

I admit, to work, this idea would need some cooperation from the community:
keeping posts in the thread constrained to the topic of the thread. For example, in the "official"
artificer thread, not bringing up the fvs LOF change. If we kept our comments to the point and clear
the devs would be more likely to keep up with the conversation and provide feedback.

copied and enlarged from a post of mine in another thread, thank you for your opinions on it :)