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09-06-2011, 01:40 PM
I'm sure this has been brought up ad nausum, but I just want to put my 2cp in.

What with the double VIP months, I've got some spare points hanging out. So, i was thinking on spending a few on some armor kits.

I went looking through the previews and....with all due respect to the designers and art department....they're just awful. I was keeping track of them when they came out, but stopped b/c I didn't want to waste the TPs. I forgot how not-my-character-looking they were.

Now, to be fair there are a few in there that are OK, not great, but OK. The light with the knives and backpack, and a majority of the outfits come to mind. Oh and the Docents, but i'll never play a WF.

I guess what I'm asking is...can there/will there be any way to get a vanity armor/helmet slot? You have the tech with LotRO and certain helmets. You can still sell kits and make money, as they're (kinda) unique and people like different. But a vanity armor slot is easy and from what i gather, wanted by the players.

For example: my drow Ranger/Rogue looks dead sexy (and it fits his character, RP-wise) in the Drow Hunter armor. He's a drow hunter. BUT i have to wear either:
1. DT armor and look like everyone else
2. Some god awful skin on a decent set random armor that i picked up and am using.
I have some pretty elven chain, but he's not an elven-chainy type of drow.
3. A henna-tattoo-looking kit that I don't like.


Vanity slots for armor. Please

PS. Art department...the outfits look pretty good. Very gung-fu. I will probably buy one for my monk once i seal his DT armor.