View Full Version : Orcish Fury bonus type.

09-01-2011, 03:14 PM
While I do have a Horc barb, I don't really think it needs buffing in the Strength or rawr! departments. But having an enhancement that, because of its bonus type (morale), doesn't stack with the rage potion/spell/clicky you're prolly already going to have going is sort of annoying. Generally, given the limited nature of AP, enhancements stack with non-enhancements, DR being a notable exception.

So either make it untyped, please:) I'd say change it or get rid of it, but some people might be using it anyway, who knows.

Trying to keep your HP at under half for an extra 2 str (if this were changed to stack) might be doable and worth taking; trying to keep it under 25% (for the second tier, which is currently just giving +2 str over rage potion) is just no-go.

But perhaps I'm wrong, and everyone loves this and I'm a complete idiot;-) thoughts?