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08-27-2011, 02:55 AM
Update 9 introduced all sorts of changes to arcane spells to try and make those that were mostly useless and underutilized more appealing and useful.

So, I propose the following spell changes. Yes, they are all aimed at constructs including warforged...but construct spells are severely lacking in the game.

Grease: If targeting a friendly WF, grease will not create a spill but instead increase the attack and movement speed of the WF by 10%.

Dispel Magic: Any construct or living construct targeted with Dispel Magic must make a will save or be held as if by the hold person spell.

Greater Dispel Magic: Same as Dispel Magic, but also inflicts slow. No save vs. the slow, but only lasts for 1/2 the duration of the slow spell.

Mordenkainen's Disjunction: Same as Dispel Magic but also inflicts severe distress upon the construct or living construct, causing 2d6 reduction in str, dex, and con scores. These stat penalties do not stack with further casts of Disjunction.

Stone to Flesh: When used against any WF, rock, or clay construct this spell will inflict 6d6 damage and cause a 25% reduction in fortification as well as 1d6 stat damage to str, dex, and con. The stat damage from stf will stack with disjunction but none of the effects from stf will work a 2nd time until the spell expires or is dispelled. The construct gets a periodic save against this spell same as flesh to stone. If used against an earth elemental, this spell will cause double damage and -50% fortification in addition to the stat damages.

Note: This is not a call to nerf WF, but instead to give needed utility to spells that are never or rarely used (or currently used only for griefing...see grease) and to expand the options for or against constructs.

08-27-2011, 03:03 AM
One giant oversight I see in your ideas......WF aren't made of stone. So why in the heck would a stone to flesh spell do anything to them? For that matter WF are also considered living creatures and not just some unthinking construct animated with magic so there is no reason dispel should affect them at all.

I don't even play a WF and I think some of those ideas are a bit reaching.:rolleyes:

08-27-2011, 03:10 AM
WF are made of wood, metal, AND stone.
WF are magical creations. They may be living, but they are still powered by magic. Disrupting that magic should paralyze them.