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08-25-2011, 07:12 PM
I've seen people mentionning different type of quests that could be fun and require quests to be handled in a different way than just going in and killing everything like in other quest Y.
Which kind of quests could be fun/different from what is currently implemented:

- Drinking too much in a tavern, the group passes away and wake up naked in a cell. Are they in the jail of the watch and be released with a fine (for brawling) in a few hours, been kidnapped by slavers to be shipped away, etc?
(common PnP quest type where your gear is locked in one of the rooms of the dungeon. Of course if you recall/complete without getting your gear you get it back once out of the dungeon and nobody else than you can loot it from the locker room)

- The evil caster you killed in your previous quest cursed you before dying and as you go into a new adventure your suddenly swap physical bodies with another member of the group.
(Can't be solo'ed. Work better in even groups otherwise a A->B, B->C, C->A swap if odd group)
(lot of bad or less bad movies about this mother/daughter, brothers, best friends, girl/boyfriend, etc swapings)
(all items are btc in that quest and can't be destroyed, consumables are locked to prevent abuse/misappropriation)
(apart from that the new person has to create all his hotbars by himself and if he never played that class before try to figure out what to do :), and after a certain timer some mobs start attacking whether you're ready or not...)
(Once you recall all items you looted go back to your real toon, if one person recalls he appears helpless at quest entrance until his character is recalled as well for switch. A timer starts for other guy that will be recalled within 30 seconds)

- You're drunk/blind/etc quest
(distortion of what you see, or play in the dark relying on sounds/touch: same as how listen has been implemented when you see invisible mobs with red pops around their feet if your character hits a wall, you get red outlines of that object)

- Conned quest
You can't kill any mob to complete but have to use all your special skills.
(move silently/hide/invisible/jump/haste/fvs or mnk wings to get around some people, bluff/diplo/intimi for some party members to distract some while others go around, pick lock/knock/disarm.)
(Why not using some spells and consider that casting them doesn't mean mobs consider you an ennemy as mobs don't know the user is "attacking" them: things like sleep/hypno/mind fog.)
(if all DC's are high and require some good group synchronisation it's still challenging at end level and possibly harder to fail than a eADQ2.)

- Labyrinth/pursuing quest
A simple square maze (3 dimensions though) that is never the same every time you enter quest.
(A mob [deathblock, prot evil, haste and fom items on or per quest you need him alive] flees in front of you and you need to keep up with him - party might have to split, etc)
(Kind of snitch but faster pace without mobs to kill until central end room but maybe random traps that slow you: grease, sleet storm, blindness spell, etc and if you arrive to end room too late after him he's gone and you have failed.)

What else?