View Full Version : An Idea(s) for the AH!!!

08-20-2011, 02:00 PM
Ever try to sell a lot of the same thing?

Like when you finally get 1000 Strings of Prayer Beads and your selling them off in groups of 15 for 40K plat buyout...

Would it not be nice to have a little check box beside the fields that would "save" your amounts so you don't have to put it in MANUALLY all 66.66~ times?

and in the buy out section a little drop down arrow that auto fills the cost at "Cost" (base price +1 plat), x2, x3, x4...

just a little excel math function in there to speed up the bulk selling of all 58, x100 stacks of masterwork arrows.

and heck while were at it...

in the search side... maybe two more columns? one for "Price per unit" (for multiples of things) and "markup" for the % higher than base price the item has been listed for. (though obviously, there would have to be some wiggling for low cost items selling for irrepressibly high prices)

not asking for anything that cant easily be done in excel, I know cause I have a Excel spreadsheet that does it, but the Alt+Tab/C+P takes forever...

Please, please, please, turbine? I think those of us spending lots of time stimulating the in game AH economy would really appreciate it!

Its not like I'm asking you to fix the AH lag or anything.