View Full Version : Pets stuck & more

08-20-2011, 12:50 PM
Tip of the hat,

1st I understand what beta is & Lami being the test server
2nd LOVE the new class

It's driving me kinda nuts with not being able to get into key quests Redemption/bonebites ~Ive dismiss my pet/reboot everthing I can think of.

Pets all over the place~Lost pets standing around without the owner even around

My biggest thing driving me nuts is going from one quest to another having to dismiss your pet then call it back because it dosent do anything but stand at the begining of the quest or if the pet is working find sometime during the quest it just stops working right.You go down a ways in the quest and the pet pops up at your feet doing nothing but stand there till you go down the hall a bit more than pop its at your feet again (GGggggrrr) doing nothing

Its going to be Awesome when Turbine works these probs out but its not to much fun atm,I guess I need to just play Live for a bit to get this out of my system :)