View Full Version : Memory leak On Lamannia is the worst it has ever been.

08-19-2011, 05:11 PM
Title says it all. Have no idea why it is so bad since the last patch, but it is worse then it has ever been on live. Two or Three log outs makes the game so laggy it is crazy. Almost unplayable!

I do not remember lama being so laggy when swapping gear between toons. This seems new but i sure hope the devs do not launch this onto live servers as is. It is horrible! It is was like memory leak Mayhem for me the past two days leveling up my Arty and getting gear from other toons. Was downright horrendous! Not sure if its caused by all the glitched out Arty pups or what is going on but it sure is bad!

Any of you guys notice this? What do you think is causing it?