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08-19-2011, 09:44 AM
mostly posting this for my own reference, but feel free to comment if you like.

Human, 28 pt build.

Base stats:

16 STR (level ups here)
08 DEX
14 CON
16 INT
08 WIS
10 CHA


1. Toughness; Augment Summoning
3. Bsword Proff
4. Construct Essence
6. Power Attack
8. Maximize
9. THF
12. Imp Crit Slash; Least DM of Making
15. iTHF
16. Lesser DM of Making
18. gTHF
20. Greater DM of Making

havent really worked out enhancements yet, i'll edit them in later

edit: for some reason Construct Essence cant be taken @ level 1, so swapped it with Augment summon
Bsword Proff isnt showing up at all either

08-19-2011, 10:18 AM
it's better dps to go THF with a real 2 hander... even with the rune arms.

you didnt see bsword prof at level 1 because it requires 1 BAB.

I was interested on a meleeficer until I read about the changes to xbow speed... that is making me think twice... (and also the xbow specific enhancements)

Also... I would go WF... melee that can self heal = good

08-19-2011, 10:23 AM
Whenever I level my craftingbot, it'll probably look like that. Crossbows just don't feel right to me.

But I, personally, have no interest in playing a character that spends 3 feats on those Marks beyond what's necessary to get the full crafting bonuses.

08-19-2011, 11:22 AM
If you take these 3 feats to DM you can try get epic chimera fang.

Otherwise building Melee Artificer go for eSoS on Warforged, and you will probably do well. You can also try go Halforc.
Str -> Max
Con -> High
Int -> Hig enought to use your lore.

Splashing 2 Firgher will allow you to to boost your HP, Str, and Melee speed.
BUT that will cost your companion his Capstone (not like Capstone gona be realy important to you -> yeah it is cool but you wont be UMDing all the time). Oh at level 20 your companion also gona be a beast (at level 12 my companion had more than 300 HP) and still was missing bulls and bears. Some would love Docend Of defiance on their companion (not like 8 DR enchancments are low).
Runearm as nice as they seems it still probably would be better to use eSoS, than epic Chimera Fang + RA (we missing Rune Arms that augument your weapons with Lighting or Force on level IV or epic one).

It would be someting like Melee FvS but probably a bit weaker (due to lack ok Divine Punishment, and weaker saves, and less HP). But on the other hand as pure artificer you can use 2 minutes hastle scrolls and displacement scrolls.

08-29-2011, 04:11 PM
OP, how are you enjoying your melee artificer?

08-29-2011, 04:44 PM
Also... I would go WF... melee that can self heal = good

This looks like it will be a craft bot once its leveled - thus human.

08-29-2011, 06:05 PM
^ This looks a bit like a crafting bot.

With some gear, strength can get to 40.
Half-orc could get you to 44 & some nice power attack, THF glancing & THF damage enhancements.
Warforged has same strength as human, better CON, the power attack, THF glancing and excellent self heals.

For a melee build, maximize seems out of place; more so, because you don't have empower.

I'd suggest dumping the dragonmarks. When you eventually get epic chimera fang, you'll greater reincarnate to take advantage of 32-point build. The dragonmarks won't be doing much for you until then. If you're taking the marks of making, do so earlier so you can take advantage of them for leveling in crafting right away. Once you're capped in crafting, the marks won't be that useful (you have SP and repair spells and can scroll heal in a pinch).

The biggest issue with this build as anything but a crafting bot is that you'll have to grind out gear to make up for poor saves. You'll take a lot of spell damage and spend a great deal of time staring in frustration at your sleeping or blue cocooned character. Saves are the Achilles heel of artificer and need to be mitigated in some way.

08-30-2011, 06:03 PM
OP, how are you enjoying your melee artificer?

i've had to shelve Lama for now, as my guild got mad at me for not playing on live.
gonna wait til they go live, and see what others come up with before i give it a try

This looks like it will be a craft bot once its leveled - thus human.

i'm actually not interested in crafting much.

i'm legitimately intersted in building a Viable Melee Art. mostly cuase i hate Pew-Pewing