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08-18-2011, 10:49 PM
With the upcoming update 11 we are seeing a weapon type that allows a player to use a secondary key to trigger off the rune arm.

This idea could actually apply a reason to have a hand crossbow in game. This would also allow use of say wands in the off hand. Here are my thoughts.

A hand crossbow, though a weak weapon in terms with everything else in DDO, can be useful for anyone who doesn't like switching back and forth between ranged and melee, like me. To begin the "rune arm use" key should be renamed "off hand use" key.

Here is the idea.

Hand Crossbows: Give the basic stats of a Hand Crossbow from D&D PHB v3.5, except unlike all other ranged weapons they fit in one hand, so they can go in either the main hand or off hand. So in function like in the PHB.

Small Piercing Exotic Ranged Weapon: 30ft. Range 1d4 (1 to 4) damage. 19-20 x2 Critical.

They can be dual weilded though the reloading time is increased because you have to reload one at a time. Then comes the fun part. When weilding a Hand Crossbow in the off hand and a one handed or smaller melee weapon in your main hand when you attack you use your main hand only and if you use the "off hand use" key you can fire the Hand Crossbow.

Thrown Weapons/Items: They can be dual thrown. Then comes the fun part. When weilding a thrown weapon/item in the off hand and a one handed or smaller melee weapon in your main hand when you attack you use your main hand only and if you use the "off hand use" key you can throw the Thrown Weapon/Item.

New Addition!! Also as a special for thrown weapons, if you combine handwraps in your main hand and shuriken in your off hand, you can attack like normal with your unarmed attack inempeded by the shuriken and then throw shuriken from your off hand, thus given more uses for the shuriken in a small shuriken based environment, outside Drow and the Shuriken Expertise Feat.

Other Off Hand Items: Most importantly Wands. You can dual wand, but because of the specific nature of wands you have click attack for the main hand and the "off hand key" for the other. Then when you get to putting a wand in the off hand with a weapon in the main hand. You click attack that only uses the main hand and then click the "off hand key" to use the wand in the off hand.

Anyways, that's my idea, and it is something with the new implementation that I think would give the game a level of realism and a closer fit to some of the stuff from the pnp that this game is based off of.

Thanks as always for listening,
TiranBlade, Time Killer

08-18-2011, 11:30 PM
Expanding my idea on thrown weapons.

EDIT: Idea Expanded.

08-19-2011, 03:28 AM
Actually I was thinking about something along these lines but I wasn't quite able to put my idea into words, the idea is to change the weapon slots,currently we have 2 slots the main hand and the off hand but I think there should be 4 slots :
1) main hand with the same use as of now
2) off hand with still the same use as of now
3) secondary slot that will contain a secondary weapon which could be 1 handed weapon or less and it could also be the house of a hidden weapon
4)ranged slot that will contain any ranged or thrown weapon but note that the secondary weapon slot could also be used for small throw weapon (knives and shurikens)

The idea is that the secondary weapon could be used as a complementary weapon to the main ones eg. you are duel wielding your trash/damage dealing weapons but you often seem to like a monster paralyzed or stunned,now it is possible without all the hassle of switching weapon just to gain 1 effect,all you need to do is press a key and you pull out your secondary weapon (which should be faster that switching weapons) attack the mob and get the effect you want then go back to your main weapons.

Another use could be the housing hidden weapons (small daggers and kukiries and the sort) which would give rogue assassins extra DC on their assassinations or poisoning attempts and maybe even a feat could be developed so other characters would be able to attempt assassination/poisoning as well (with reduced DC or some other limitation).

Now for the ranged weapon I just think it is an option that should be allowed, essentialy you assign a key that takes you to ranged mode as long as it's pressed,in ranged mode you have your ranged weapon pulled out and you use it as you would otherwise but the nice part is that once you release you ranged mode key you instantly go back to melee without the need to change weapon sets and the like, this will encourage a bit more use of ranged weaponry to attack before engaging in melee.

I think this weapon system will encourage a bit more versatility with the usage of weapons,because the secondary slot supports only 1 handed weapons or less your forced to take a weapon you wouldn't usually use like a mace for a great sword using barbarian and the ranged slot can't be used for anything else other than ranged and so encouraging people to take advantage of otherwise useless slot.

Also an example of a character using all the slots effectively would be the monk as monks use kamas for their effects mostly they can dual wield them in their main slot and have hand wraps in their secondary so they could switch to their hand wraps as fast as possible after gaining the desired effect from the kamas and they would use the shurikens to attack from range before engaging in a fight.