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08-17-2011, 09:58 AM
After some time playing a cleric with some healing amp, this idea came to my mind. I'm just wondering if it's even possible. The idea of this build would be to tank some raids and hold the aggro in the quests, but i think it wouldn't be possible to tank monsters like Horoth or the abishai of epic chrono. It doesn't matter, that's too much for a cleric.

Well, before this, i'd like to test too how factible is to take FvS instead cleric, maybe for the DR.
Here are the rules: No multiclassing if possible. No hard to get and short duration buffs, like the ones from the cookies. No super epic gear, but some epic stuff if necessary. Cleric preferred, but FvS avaible too.

This is what i've thought atm:
Fleshshaper's brigandine with obsession (+10% healing amp, +100% aggro, Disintegrate guard)
Levik's set (shield with good DR in the case something goes wrong, a small chance of heal, healing amp 20% from the bracers and 20% extra threat from the set)
Some incite item from cannith craftin (aggro +20%)
Human healing amp enhancements (+10, 20 and 30% healing amp)
Ship buff (+10% healing amp)

The problem at this point would be the dps, maybe a lit2 GS longsword could help. The hps can be a problem too, in the mentioned case of Horoth, what would be the max a cleric (or FvS) could get?

My orientation to cleric is for the aura and bursts, that i would be able to use even when tanking and it's a nice source of healing. The spells could be moderately useful, divine punishment in particular, but it's a shame the extra aggro from gear doesn't apply to spells.

Any suggestion is welcome :D

08-17-2011, 10:11 AM
For clerics, the no multiclassing thing makes it trickier as a couple of fighter levels would probably help a great deal for the bonus feats & intimidate as a class skill.

For race, half orc & warforged would give brute fighting to boost your threat generation but would naturally have the problem of less healing amp. Half elf could be an interesting choice since you could take the barbarian dilantette for toughness plus you'd have the ability to fire off an intimidate a 2nd time if you fail the 1st attempt & you'd still have a decent degree of healing amp. Dwarf could be possible in the event they bring in the dwarven defender PrE but i wouldnt hold your breath on that one.. though using a dwarven axe & shield you'd get glancing blows for some extra damage output.

08-17-2011, 11:16 PM
choose dwarf so if/when the racial defender pre comes out you will be ready with your cleric tank

theres the dwarf axe of famine that gives +15% hate. if u go dwarf axe and shield, u get s&b threat bonus

probably need the shield line for the damage mitigation as well

evasion is very helpful as well when tanking with less than a million hp if ur ok with multiclassing cleric/monk/fighter

09-04-2011, 01:57 AM
What i like to do is to zerg ahead, and bb everything as a cleric for aggro. the stragglers gather around my aura. with my DR shield i take no damage. the stragglers that actually do damage such as casters and Red/Orange heavy hitters, the aura+healing amp=no net damage. while you wait, let the fighters, paladins, barbs, rangers, etc. come along and beat whats leftover. majority though, the dont live through my kites of BBs :D

09-06-2011, 05:41 AM
A well equipped http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=268346 can act as a reliable tank; 600+ base standing hp so 700+ full buffed entirely possible making horoth doable.

EChrono is slightly different as not having evasion it relies on player abilities to dodge fire breath, if the pilot is able to dodge effectively it'll be able to tank it too.

09-07-2011, 12:30 AM
Honestly, it'd be tough, but you could tank with a Divine. Gearing would be extremely hard...

My pure Cleric can get a 60-65 AC sword and board. But he'd definitely have troubles with keeping aggro- his best bet would be Divine Punishment, shield block with Defensive Fighting toggled, or swinging the Epic Cutlass or that thing with the vorpal and incite from Cove. He's certainly not ideal at tanking, but being able to tank with AC would be a great boon to him. However, he's definitely an advanced gearing setup- plus he'd need a few more gear pieces. Chattering ring, a source of Dodge +2, and both Paladin and Bard buffs would be needed. All in all, he'd be able to hit about a 70-75 AC fully buffed and geared out-but it'd be very tough to maintain.

He does have (and will have more) a decent amount of HP (524 currently, max geared at 619, tanking at 579) and quite a bit of SP. But it's certainly something to end-goal, and not possible for quite a while after capping.

10-24-2011, 10:27 AM
As far as Divine Tanking goes, there a few routes you can go.

1) The Warforged Favored Soul. nice HPs, nice DPS, decent hate, pretty standard, no multiclassing.

2) Favored Soul Evoker, (Human is my prefered) grabbing Shield Mastery, less HP, a whole lot more damage migration (shield blocking up with an Anathema and shield mastery (not improved. too many feats) I have done this on occasion with my Evoker (Rhamiel, no epic gear even.)

3) high Heal amp Clonk. (Human 17/3 or Helf 18/2) only issue here comes from holding hate. you will survive far better than the other two listed, but hate is an issue.

4) One idea i have seen, but have little clue about, is Cleric/Fighter, DR/shield blocking with a Torc ect. ask Mahmood