View Full Version : Sands Epic Shards

08-12-2011, 01:51 AM
I recently saw a thread where someone was proposing a major overhaul of the Sands epic item system. That posters concern was (correctly) that there are over 40 Sands items, so obtaining a particular shard, seal, scroll combo is extremely time consuming.

If changes are made to the sands epics, please do so in addition to the current system, and not in replacement of the current setup. Many people (myself included) have invested a lot of time getting seals and scrolls, but are flummoxed on the shards. Please don't throw all that time away with a radical change to the system. It seems wrong that people would pursue something under the rules, and then have the rules changed in a radical way that entirely invalidates the prior effort.

One suggestion for the Sands items shard drop rate is to have, upon completion of each and every epic Zawabi's Revenge raid, a 50% chance for a single item-neutral bound-to-account shard be automatically assigned to a single one of the people running the raid. Make assignment automatic on complete like scrolls currently are to entirely avoid loot lust drama. This should be in addition to the current setup of item specific shards in the chest.

Under this setup epic items would get made and people would have a reason to run the quest, other than the current <1% chance that months of running the quest will yield what they are looking for. With being able to run the raid only every three days and there being a pelthora of epic items from the Sands pack, this would bring some hope to the grind.

It would also seem comparatively easy to implement as it only requires one new item (the Shard of Raw Power, or whatever the item-neutral shard is named), updating the recipe table so each of the Sands epics has two recipes (one with the item-specific shard, one with the item-neutral shard), and implementing the mechanic of rolling the 50% probability roll for the item-neutral shard and auto assigning on death of the queen.

If having people craft the Epic Ring of Spell Storing is really that big a deal, make the suggested item-neutral shard not work for that recipe.