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07-22-2011, 01:29 AM
Very curious what the general opinions are on the cold spell damage mechanics...
Considering making a Acid Cold Mentalist Wiz. & any input people cared to share would be incredibly appreciated...
Thanks in advance for input & discussion...

07-22-2011, 02:36 AM
Cold spells are often considered the most damaging spells at endgame, especially for single target. The spells are great, and resistances to them are low.

Your staple single target cold spells are niacs cold ray, frost lance, niacs biting cold and polar ray. The first two peter out pretty quick, but the last two are endgame beatsticks.

Your AoE spells are Ice Storm, Cone of Cold and Otilukes Freezing Sphere. All of these are usable from when you get them on, though ice storm (Being a persistant area affect spell) typically works well the longest.

Acid has a myriad of problems, not least of which being that most acid spells do smallish DoT effects that are severly hampered by any kind of Acid Resistance (Which is common enough in endgame enemies). Also, acid lacks any kind of decent high-level damaging spells. That said, as a secondary focus, acid can help give extra AoE damage support, and assist on targets highly resistant or immune to cold. I would, however, consider Electric to be the second best elemental line, and a good secondary to cold. As a Wizard, you're merely an easy enhancement respec away from a total paradigm shift, though, so nothing is set in stone, so you can experiment with *all* elemental lines if you wish, and find which ones work best for you.

Lastly - What does a "mentalist" wizard entail exactly?

07-22-2011, 07:53 AM
Mind Controller....
Thanks for that input - I've read alot of varying views from DDOlands best...
These forums actually have a wealth of information in them & weeks of reading had me a bit confused.
Trex is 8th and mostly Elementalist. I have a blast with her..
But she is mid-leveled and so far I am not consicely convinced on one element being a power peformer, I just seem to get them via a variant barage of attacks...
Thanks again - still would like more input though...

07-22-2011, 10:22 AM
Just an FYI

Centering your entire post makes them INCREDIBLY difficult to read.

07-22-2011, 04:25 PM
I think your terminology might have you a bit muddled as well. Wizards in DDO have a few different ways to "specialize", but as a general rule they tend to be good at multiple things simultaneously. For example, high level wizards tend to be masters of Crowd Control (often Mind Control, as you put it, but with other less mind-related tricks), while throwing out instant death spells and following up with good ol'-fashioned damage, damage, damage! Thus the inference that a Mentalist and Elementalist (By which i assume you mean Crowd Controller and Nuker) are different or mutually exclusive is not entirely true.

Am i to take it that you are making an Enchantment Archmage then? And your main priority is to make a crowd controller? Crowd control can be a very, very handy tool in a variety of situations, and Enchantment Archmages make great use of it (Though a dash of Conjuration for cheap "web" SLA can be useful too). Mixing and Matching elements can be handy for various situations, but typically (Due to gearing and enhancement lines) its often better to focus on one main element, one secondary element, and maybe a single point into the others.

Your "main" element may change as you level. Fire, for example, is a powerhouse through low and mid levels. Burning hands, scorching ray, fireball, delayed blast fireball and the infamous Wall of Fire can tear through enemies. Enemies have more and more resistance to fire as you level up, with a good portion of endgame enemies (Devils, who comprise almost all of the highest level packs, and Demons who are also fairly common) being flat out immune. This is typically where switching focus to cold is a good idea.

So you CAN spread out your gear and Enhancement lines and toss 4 different flavors of very similar spells, or you can focus your Action Points into a couple elements and really tear through enemies, only switching things up in quests where your main element(s) won't perform well.

I hope this helps!