View Full Version : Suggestion regarding Bags - Auto-sort button

07-17-2011, 06:43 AM
As the title says, add an auto-sort button.
This button would automatically sort all the items in your bag by type, with the option to select the category priorities.
- By type: Magic Devices (Wands, Scrolls, Potions); Equipment (With a subsequent menu regarding the different kinds of equipment); Food/Drink; Ingredients, collectables, gems and related bags. (Add more item types - Not in game atm).
- By Level (Toggle)
- By Locked/Unlocked/Junk (Toggle)
Basically this would create a smoother gameplay for those who don't wanna waste time organizing the bag so it becomes easy to look for stuff.
This also comes useful when selling, with Auto-sort toggled on Locked/Unlocked/Junk you can look at only Unlocked items to see if it's a Lock or Junk item (Whether you wanna sell or keep it)

(I'll post images soon)

Please comment and let Turbine improve the sh*tty UI we have.