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07-12-2011, 11:49 AM
OK, here is the situation; I'm going to be playing with a couple of new folks. One of them has already created a wizard (yeah, I know, not the best choice for a new player...). So what I need is two other (non-cleric) builds to fill out the party. I'd like one to be an AA for range, and needs to have rogue as will also be our primary trap monkey. The second build needs to be something melle with big damage as I'll be playing that one and will likely have to keep the party alive seeing as the other two will probably have trouble even targeting things consistently at first. This second build needs to have some durability (high AC, or DR/HP) so I can stay alive, but still hit big. I plan on using hireling clerics for general healing (that gives us 3 clerics if we each use one).

Thanks for any builds.

07-12-2011, 09:07 PM
Actually, wizard is a good choice for a first timer; better than sorcerer, because they can learn what spells they like best and learn from their mistakes. But enough about that.

Seeing as you'll have 3 hirelings, I'd suggest a barbarian, rogue, or fighter.

Barbarians have the highest HP, usually the highest melee damage, and are the easiest class to build; just strength and con, and maybe some int for skill points. If you have the warforged race unlocked, WF barbarians are in high demand in several high level raids for being great tanks, and your wizard friend can heal you using repair spells, acting as a 4th healer when necessary.

Fighters have so many feats that by end-game you'll be at a loss for what to get, having already gotten everything that's useful. They're very beginner friendly because you can make up for lack of experience and 'twinked' gear by having a wide variety of feats and weapon selection, not to mention being able to tank or dps if the mood suits you.

Depending on what the other person chooses, you could be an assassin rogue. As long as you don't have aggro, you'll be doing a lot of damage via sneak attacks. Since you would like a ranged, you could make a repeater rogue, but that's not really beginner material, but they're the first thing I think of when you say trapmonky and can carry a surprisingly strong punch with their repeater crossbows in close range. Your damage will slowly decrease at higher levels, but you'll never fail on traps or most spot checks, and you can take down targets at range, when necessary.

On a secondary note, you could use a ranger/rogue multiclass. They can use two weapons very easily, and also have good feats for ranged dps, and also have a few cure and buff spells. With rogue levels you could do most traps, as well.

09-06-2011, 11:25 PM
One that fits the role of 3 of you.
Dwarf 12 rngr, 6 barb, 2 rogue. traps, UMD,HP, TWF DPS(D-AXE), Simple +9 DR clickie, range...

or just go 20 Barbarian/Intimitank for rogue, 20 Ranger(Capstone), 20 Rogue/Bluff/Sneak/Diplo/traps and goods/UMD.

09-06-2011, 11:50 PM
Wizard is solid choice for new player. Focus early on is crowd control and buffs. Magic missile plus scorching ray is a 1-2 combo that few low level mobs can stand up to.

Ranger/rogue with 1 rogue level at L1 and then ranger levels is good trap monkey choice. The dwarf ranger/barbarian/rogue isn't a bad suggestion. I would note that 2 levels of rogue isn't necessary. But, elven rogue/wizard taking both AA and Assassin PrEs could be fun if you are adventuresome.

Main melee role probably falls to some form of barbarian or fighter. Ranger/barbarian mix isn't bad. Gets you TWF (mostly for free) and some self healing/emergency heals.

IMO a better option is to put out the money for warforged and for you all to go WF. WF wizard/rogue is great for traps plus innate self healing. WF ranger for AA if you really want that. IMO going Tempest is better and just rely on normal shooting capability of the ranger class. But to each their own. Then WF favored soul to get the divine offensive spells like blade barrier and divine punishment.

You use warforged wizard and/or sorcerer hirelings for your healers. They all have repair spells even if they don't show in their spell lists -- or, I should say that I don't know of any that don't in any case.

Advantage there is that you don't need the hirelings or can sub melee hirelings if you need to. Plus, you'll have a character with innate raise dead in the FvS.

09-07-2011, 05:13 PM
I think you should reconsider having a player cleric. Cleric hirelings in general do an okay job of healing/raising, a terrible job of staying alive, a terrible job of buffing, and terrible CC/DPS. I don't think any hireling has protection from evil or spell resistance, maybe 50% have death ward, maybe 25% have restoration of some kind. With a ranger and wizard you can eventually get resists, FoM, and true seeing, but still.

If you are sticking with a melee, I would go paladin Hunter of the Dead. You can still get very good melee DPS, and you're way more survivable than barbs/fighters and even rangers. If you wanted to get fancy you could splash 2 monk for evasion and some very useful feat space.

10-24-2011, 10:19 AM
Warforged Favored Soul, if you have the play style to accommodate it, 'nuff said.

the build brings many, many things to the table, plenty of damage, spells, and versatility. I found mine was the best for running in front of a group (slightly less HP/defenses than i would like until cap, but, suitable) but with great self healing (not as effective until you get Heal, but until then, get a Bladesmark Docent and you are invincible) Hireling Clerics are poor, especially later on. You will be able to at least Heal if you need to, and the Wizard can repair you as well