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07-11-2011, 07:20 AM
We've all heard of the story of former market NPC Nat Gann by now in Chronoscope, who used to tumble here and there. We've seen Durk get committed in Reign of Madness and been inside Jeet's brain. But what NPCs would you like to hear stories about?

How about Tattered Alice? Come to think of it I dont see her any more in the harbor. She always warned we must "wield a grim weapon to avoid a grim fate". Was her's grim enough before it was too late?

What about Charrakas in House Deneith? Sitting there by his little fire and pile of junk? "One is the number of the chosen one. Two is the number of the enemies, light and darkness. Three is the nummber of His dark servants." WHAT could he mean?

Does anyone wanna whoop Grinwhite's butt after he cheated you in The Swiped Signet (you EVEN said you'd get back at him)? I've been waiting a LONG time.

Does anyone want to see more a little more Malicia, perhaps one more time after Wrath of The Flame and Under the Big Top? (Is she dead in WoTF? Since she was on Shavarath or is her home plane Mabar- I know in Eberron they are specifically supposed to be from there? Which story comes first chronologically?)

07-11-2011, 07:25 AM
We need more NPCs like Refund Guy and Conrad Verner.

Edit: The Sane Asylum is a great quest for many reasons, including this one.