View Full Version : I'm going to suggest a ... negative adjustment ... to stacking debuff multipliers

06-30-2011, 11:37 AM
Someone shoot me to stop me from typing.

At this point I've done a fair amount of messing with Savant, AoV, the new arcane/divine DoTs, differing curses, etc. Some of this has been me doing stupid / silly solo raids like DQ on differing difficulties to see what works and how, etc. and some in groups with multiples running.

I'm not sure how the Savant Curses and Shield of Condemnation works in conjunction with each other, but those stacking multipliers are really out of whack. I can get on later and maybe pull numbers, but I think lots of us know what I'm talking about. What one caster can do now is FUN. What can be done with those stacking debuffs is a bit extreme.

And, dare I say it, too easy. Too easy in that it takes little to no gear for a FVS to hit pretty crazy numbers on Divine Punishment w/ just a 50% potency and the stacking shields. It takes little to no effort and, while I kinda like blowing things up, it invalidates the grind into other paths.

What I don't want is for the DoT's to be nerfed. Cleric's don't have this problem ... Wizard's aren't DoT-killing folks as fast as groups of Savants. The curses stacking is a bit much.

Devs, please, as you're looking at things don't kill the DoTs; that would turn them into one-trick spells and abilities only used by the hyperspecialized ... keep them, but really take a gander at the stacking, multiplicative debuffs instead.