View Full Version : Alternate characters as permanent hirelings.

06-25-2011, 05:02 AM
I would like to be able to buy a permanent hireling contract that would let me turn one of my alts into a companion for my main character. Yep.

06-25-2011, 05:37 AM
It is a nice idea but I see more problems developing then it would be worth.

Dose this contract auto change that hireling(alt) to your level?
If it dose not then what are the restrictions?
Dose it use your My DDO displayed equipment?
What happens if you change equipment on the alt say take off heavy fort for haggle item and forgett to put it back on?
How will the AI work given the problems we currently have with stock AI?

I do like the way Guild Wars implemented there useing alt chars as Heros/Hirelings, but that game has had customisable heros/hirelings for a few years before they added the ability to use your alts as hero/hirelings.

It is a nice idea but I dont believe that DDO has developed the elements needed for useing alts as hirelings yet.

01-26-2012, 04:59 AM
I realize this thread is ... well in the negative hp zone but Ive been obsesing about that and came up with some ideas:

Basically all characters and monsters have stats. You have an armored wraith as Jacoby Drexel hand that doenst give you negative levels or anything but is still an armored wraith so...

Id suppose it could work by simply taking a set of feats and available command for each character say (its not supposed to make sense just an example):

Fighter lvl 6

If your character has or doesnt have cleave it wouldnt matter for all practical purposes youd have :

18 STR
12 DEX
16 CON

So basically:

a) It will take the weapon equiped or one from your inventory that matches the standard hireling AI; if none is available your hireling will be either given a gimp standard weapon or simply barehanded
b) Comands available are standard hireling AI commands, wether or not you have the feats Prereqs required (obviously that also means you dont get access to your own special feats/abilites)
c) Have standard hireling AI IQ (IE will be just as dumb as any)
d) Most likely, be ... gold seal (which sucks since Im premium); but customized hires for free or premanent, doubt it
e) Will not gain favor / XP / loot / gear damage / other stuff that might be obvious but I might have missed
f) NERFily nerfy nerf, chances are some gear wont actually get used by your hire (say something very potent that usually has X amount of charges and then breaks, some gear might get blacklisted)

So hed be a standard hireling that has your stats and appereance.

That would just leave WHY?

a) You get a really cool loking hireling, and awesome screenies =D Yay!
b) If you built an astonomical AC toon, he can be cannon fodder while you use your pewpew safely knowing his astronomically expensive gear isnt drained
c) You get Wizzies with X amount of past lifes and SP feats, if your lucky and some crowd control command is available itll be worth gold.
e) No matter how cool your palemaster pets are, nothing beats an angry full plated Dwarf (maybe to you but not to me)
f) Because, that way you know whose responsable for that party wipe, and you can actually have your REVEEEENGEEE (well guess whos skinny dipping into the lava pool, you got it)

In any case, it be mostly to keep happy gamers spending points (and hence money) in making their hard earned chars more enjoyable which I think is good. And of course could be done with relatively little investment in development (time/money) just read stats and if gear is ok then include, otherwise substitute for standard issue (I can imagine cries of dispair, but Im sure this can be fixed quickly), then start blacklisting and nerfing as needed.

Well thats it, those are my two cents and a few days of obsessing needlesly over it. Hope someone has some constructive (or at least creative) cricism and that hopefuly someday we might see this implemented