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06-20-2011, 04:05 PM
in some games or book you may have heard of said beast. Or really not a beast at all, but YOU. So my idea for a dungeon would be somthing as follows:
You and others walk into a castle(BIG castle), but to your dismay after you walk in the front gate the gate slams shut behind you. For This castle, rumored to be deserted has a dark secret, you are now the Doppleganger's dinner.

Lots of running and mob clearing, not easy mobs though Cr 25+(yes on norm) The castle would be split into 5 Bosses. (5th being opt) the layout of this castle is a Big entrance hall, a courtyard , 4 towers surrounding the courtyard , a throne room, and a dungeon. The bosses would be 1 in the entrance hall( needs to be HUGE, like a gate guardian.the gate guardian has nothing really special except he hits medium-high and has alot of hp. Next the group fights through winding hallways and comes to the Courtyard.
In the courtyard there will be a Maiden. Shes Magic based and moves fast. Unlike most bosses her damage doesnt stay the same, in the begging of the fight she moves slow(think triple harried, no striding, wizard slow)and does very little damage. After a set time after of engaging she gets a 50% speed boost and will do Medium damage instead of low damage. After another set time she will do High damage move as fast as a monk , Finaly If you dont beat her in her 3rd phase she will get a huge speed boost and do extream, almost 1 shot KO damage. So Dps race basicly. She gives a key to move on
Next you will walk back into the halls and go up the towers, each tower has a mini boss, stats vary. Each boss is a random class; Cleric , Fighter , Ranger , etc.(all the classes availible to us) after you kill all 4 the way to the dungeon opens up.
The Dungeon:
in the dungeon there will be cells, a rogue can pick them. In the cells(you wont be able to see inside)there will either be; A trap ; a chest(trapped) ;a prisoner; or a miniboss(convict of a random race+class) with a chest. The chests should be on par with loot from amrath atleast. To get the boss to come out from hiding you must relase a set amount or prisioners. The boss; Dungeon Keeper {name} is a fat Human, Lawful Good , that has a big club. nothing really hard, he has a vary high def, med high dmg, and a med high hp. tank and spank.
After the dungeon you get the keys to the throne room from the Dungeon keeper.
Throne Room: you run from the dungeon, through the courtyard and up to the throne room. you burst into the throne room to find the king dead, out out of the shadows steps a {insert previously unseen monster} I was thinking a Dream Larva but im not quite sure. After you beat said monster you notice a hallway behind the kings throne.
Room of mirrors: you walk down that dark hallway you come into a room or mirrors.
Voice: Welcome travelers to my *real* throne room.
everyone steps out into the room, filled with only mirrors.everyone steps up to a mirror and admires themself. The mirrors all shatter and the shards fall.But behind the frames a sinister looking doppleganger of each person stands.
the dopplegangers are all extreamly powerfull, 2x as much hp, sp, damage and DR (NOT ac) as each person. They all have 150resist of each element, and deathward. The Doppleganger healers will heal other dopplegangers and such for all abilitys. To prevent people trying to cheat the system, the gear each person preformed there part the best in is what the dopplegangers will have.(no putting on starter rags to prevent them from having X skill or Y stat)

Side Notes: I havent really mentioned loot alot because I really dont have a good idea of what it should be/ were it should go.
My spelling, punctuation, and grammer and horrid; I know.