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06-18-2011, 08:06 AM
Hello fellow DDO'ers,

I would like to propose a better organization in the menus, specifically the "Feats" Tab in the character menu. I come across times when I want to find new feats (from character level up) and it gets hard simply because they're organised alphabetically and I don't know its name by heart, I think it would be of everyone's benefit if there was an option allowing to display Feats (And other tabs) in other forms of organization such as:


By Group:

- Natural Feats: The ones you get automatically independently of your class (Auto Attack; Trip; Sunder)
- Racial Feats: The passive feats you get from your class (Weapon proficiencies for example)
- Class Feats: The ones you get automatically for your class (Bard Songs as an example)
- Chosen Feats: The ones you choose (Whether in your path or costumized) when you reach Feat milestones
~ Toggling Feats
~ Metamagic Feats
~ All others


By group:

- Racial Enhancements
- Class Enhancements
- Spell-related Enhancements
- Skill-related Enhancements
- Feat-related Enhancements

- By school

Adventure Compendium:
- By Paying Type

- Could have a listing of local NPC's (They would be targeted on click)


All of these organization types would be added to both the Character window and the Trainer's window
They would be an OPTION, they would not be a change, just a simple option for those who would like it, so for those who prefer the current organization styles, you could still use them


Please throw your 2 cents into the fountain and you shall be granted a wish.

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06-20-2011, 05:50 PM
I would think this suggestion would actually be appreciated :L