View Full Version : Transmuting shards improvement??

06-13-2011, 07:28 AM
Could we debate the process of transmuting crafting shards in House K?

Currently when transmuting large shards to small or into other large shards, it has to be done one at a time with a cooldown in between. This is a lengthy process when you need to convert many shards.

Would it be possible to change this to a pop-up window that asks how many shards we'd like to transmute? This would be very similar to what is already in place when you shop at vendors by holding the CTRL key down and clicking an item in the store. Incidentally, it's also already an option when buying deconstruction materials from the same vendor we use to transmute shards.

I think it would save a great deal of time for those of us that are trying to get our crafting levels up and get back to questing ASAP. What do you all think?