View Full Version : teams (in quest)

06-10-2011, 12:20 PM
I've been meaning to request this for some time. The mechanic in place for PVP, where you have the ability to place people on blue, red, or colorless teams, would be very useful for certain quests and raids in the game. As it currently stands, you can only use the teams in pvp group setting, not a raid group. I would like this mechanic to be available for raids groups for the simple purpose of organization.

Take epic Von6 for instance, If you ever played a healer and you're going to base 1-2 or 3 for some...spot heals can be somewhat of a challenge due to the nature of initial chaos (fascinate doesn't go off, spells don't land, fascinate does go off and an over zealous tank great cleaves with a axe, fun stuff). Usually, the party leader types out names and designates peeps to certain bases, which is fine...over 400+ completions and raid gets done. I also know that it's easy just to throw a few mass heals on the djinn and you can usually see for yourself who is where. I personally don't remember every name that i'm designated to heal, so i usually waste some sp by throwing a few quick masses, so i can see who got healed, and where their name falls on my name chart. I'm not complaining, i just know that every time i run the raid, i think..."Man, sometimes i wish the team color mechanic was in place, so i can see who's on the base with me, instead of trying to remember all the names of the people there".

Another good raid for this mechanic is Abbot. Three teams, three rooms...basic and simple. It would be nice to place teams in there instead of typing out who goes where, someone drops for RL issues, disconnects and retyping is just a pain. If the mechanic was in place to just put the colored shield next to the name, peeps would know without a doubt where they should go. Blue team goes to tiles, red go to asteroids, and colorless to ice. I just like it because it would make the organization simple, faster and cleaner.

Titan would benefit as well, but i'm out of time so i can't write too much more...but you get my drift.

In conclusion, i would just like to see this mechanic be available for raids for the sake of organization. I know the way things have been done, and i'll do them just the same with or without this mechanic in-place. I just figured that if i've thought about it, many others have. I believe that this mechanic would be beneficial to new players and old alike by adding visual organization, and cleaner team play. Please consider making teams available for raid parties.