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06-03-2011, 02:41 PM
Okay here goes a wild suggestion that is pretty general right now because there are so many details that would need to be worked out, but here is the gist of it...

Expand cannith crafting to allow for epic items (and other named items) to be disjunctioned and for epic components to be used in place of crafted shards to bestow certain effects normally found on the epic items they create.

How this would work in premise is that you could take your Epic Red Dragon Helm and disjunction it for a blank craft able 'red dragon helm' that had the yellow slot, the dragon helm's graphics, and it's base item properties (hardness and durability). This item could then be crafted on like any other blank helm.

Additionally, you could take, let's say, your shard of the spectral gloves and use it as a crafting component to add +4 attack bonus to your craft able item adding appropriately to the ML and such (with an appropriately high crafting level requirement). SoS scroll could be +10 enhancement bonus to a weapon for example... Perhaps, some epic tokens could be used to expand the 'potential' of the item above the normal limits into the 'epic' realm so you could actually apply some of these epic upgrades...

Basically the idea here would be to tie the higher tiers of cannith crafting to epic and named loot making it a system that for it's more potent stages requires you to run more difficult content and allows for a wide expansion of what is considered useful for epic ingredients.

Note, that epic augment slots are actually not that far off of guild augment slots for power level. Where the huge interesting increases in power would be come from weapon, armor, and shield bases that would require the breaking down of rather powerful and non-trivial to obtain epic, GS, or named items and then further crafting being done on those items.

With such a system I would imagine a pretty drastic increase in variety of end game gear setups. Epic SoS would presumably have part of it's crit range/base damage tied into an enhancement prior to this going live as it would naturally still be very popular choice for a blank without it's current base stats carrying over. This would also add value to each individual epic crafting piece.

As is true in most things, how feasible this would be would be in the details of it's implementation. Also to note that this could be implemented incrementally by allowing only certain epic ingredients and named items to be broken down by applying some modifier to them let's call it 'cannith crafting compatible'.