View Full Version : Allow certain actions to be queued for better playability?

05-27-2011, 11:40 AM
I am not talking about a full-blown action queue system (ie. Neverwinter Nights), but maybe some limited deferment for certain actions. I have two examples of problems that this could address.

If you try to switch weapons while in the middle of a swing, it won't switch. This is as it should be, but the problem is it will never, ever switch until you either just stop and switch or your simply mash the button repeatedly. You obviously wanted to switch weapons because you hit the button... So, wouldn't it be nice if your character "remembered" that you were trying to switch weapons and did so at the next available opportunity? (ie. once that in-progress swing is completed)

Another example is a cleric hireling. If they are busy doing something else, nothing happens when you hit the button to heal, restore, resurrect etc... I understand they can't stop while in the middle of casting, but wouldn't it be nice if the hireling "remembered" you were telling them to do something and did it after they were finished? So once they were done casting heal on a party member of their own free will, they would do restore on the party member you targeted a second earlier.

In the above situations, the player obviously wanted to switch weapons or cast restore on someone, but those actions never happened. By deferring the action, you can be assured it will be followed through without having to know if the person behind you was actually restored or not... or without mashing your bane weapon until it finally equips. I think this would improve the feel/playability of the game and really help with hireling management.