View Full Version : monk PrC, master of the four styles.

05-12-2011, 10:29 AM
basically, the idea is to make a monk PrC that allow the monk to use more then one stance at once.
at level 6 (first stage), allow the monk to enter 2 stances at the same time.(pull them to the green bar in inventory).
at level 12 (2nd stage). allow the monk to enter 3 stances at the same time.
and at level 18 (final stage) ,allow the monk to enter all 4 stances at once.

there may or may not be a down cost of the stances penalty .(as in 2nd stage the fire stance lower the wis by 1 point only. and non at the final stage.). this is a powerful Prc even if the penalty stay as the player can try and get grand master in all 4 forms and this will null some of the penalty (grand master add +4 and lower by 2. so having all 4 will end with +2 to all 4 attributes).

i was thinking about this after having a terrible time making up my mind as to what items to equip. (some add to one stance some to an other.and the bracers that add to each stance would be much more potent.