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05-02-2011, 12:22 PM
what should I be training for a cleric? One that can solo and be welcome in groups?

05-02-2011, 12:28 PM
When I made my first cleric (one before the ones I eventually kept) I deleted her after getting to level 6. Went in with the mind frame of "got to be able to heal everyone." Didnt enjoy the character or the playstyle.

Second try (my elven cleric Kamari) I learned about spells clerics got both healing and damage, was learning about the undying court (thanks to a guild mate who gave me resources to read) and made her and had fun both in groups and solo doing damage with searing lights, sound blast and other offensive spells and it only got better as I got higher levels. Sure there were times pugging most wanted me to only toss out heals but once I found a comfortable group who understood my cleric could do some spell damage it made her more fun to play.

Third build was a clonk and she is fun for when I want to beat up on things and able to heal myself and others. She was another one who went threw roll up/delete/retry. Honestly to stop my rambling it depends on what YOU want out of your cleric. If you want to be able to solo you have to figure do you want damage to your spells or do you want to be able to swing a weapon? Do you view a cleric as a healer only or do you want to unlock its potential? Once you know what you want from your cleric build it will be easier for you to really get help or even decide on your own what you want to do.

05-02-2011, 12:37 PM
Agree with the above poster.

It depends on what sort of playstyle you enjoy!
I went with a healing focused (but not exclusive) cleric type, that can still swing an axe when needed, as I tend to solo a lot.

Don't worry about folks not letting you in their leet uber PUG runs. Seriously. For every person that won't take you along because they feel you aren't properly built, there's another that will play alongside you just to have a fun group.

If you build your toon to please everyone else, then you are losing the freedom to learn and choose what is fun for you.

If you aren't an experienced builder, my suggestions are simple.

1. Be a radiant servant!! (Too many good bonuses not to, IMO)
2. Find a build you like here on the forums (There are SO many to choose from). Tailor it to the way you want to play, or just borrow the build and play it until you decide you want to do something else. Remaking your toon is easy in DDO land.

05-02-2011, 01:10 PM
I want to be able to heal and hit things alot... Basically solo so I'm not dependant on groups. I made a dwarf if that makes a difference.
I did look at radiant servant and that looked like more of a casting healer rather than a physical cleric. One of the problems is that I don't understand what people are talking about in alot of these builds nor if they are even any good. I'm playing for free until my month runs out on another game and then will decide if I'll start a monthly account here.

That leads me to my next question, is everything here quest driven? Do they have large raids at higher lvl? Any pvp?

05-02-2011, 01:23 PM
Ive run with dwarven clerics some who are battle some who are spell they both use radiant servant because its a free aura that heals people and does damage to undead while your swinging away. You may not have the charisma to put the full line to the best use but its okay. As for swinging weapons hope your investing in the following spells (divine favor at low levels divine power, bless, prayer, recitation) these spells will help up your oomph when swinging at things.

As far as your other questions raiding now can start as low as level 6 (chronoscope) thought for most of us our first raid was tempest spine which many go in between the levels 8-12 (or higher some think its a loot run) Raids as a cleric many will expect you to be able to heal them since they have waves of mobs in some and boss battles. Be up front with the fact that you play your cleric to swing a weapon though if thats what your going for because a lot of lowbie raiders will expect you to keep up with them.

Pvp is relegated (thankfully) to taverns where there is a pvp pit, since the game is based off dungeons and dragons there is no player vs player its player vs enemy mostly and many of us like it that way. Pvp isnt a real focus right now though that may change one day. There really isnt a need for it its mostly making a character and saving the world of Ebberon from the various freaks and weirdos that want to attack it all the while amassing power.

05-02-2011, 01:34 PM
If you only want to self-heal, roll up a Paladin and buy some cure wands. You can use them from level 1 on, even before you can cast the 1st spells.
There are many Paladin builds, for a beginner i´d choose a THF-style one.

If you want to be a healer, who also adds to the groups DPS by swinging a weapon, the Cleric (with Radiant Servant) is the right way for you.
Dwarf is a good race for that style, and 1 Fighter splash a good multiclass option. Swing around one big Greataxe and tossing out the necessary heals.

05-02-2011, 01:36 PM
Keep in mind that the system is purposely set up so that you can be focused in one thing, while you are less effective in others. (Generally speaking)

Radiant Servant is, IMO, the absolute best way to go for a cleric.. Really. The prerequisites are not that heavy and having a lasting healing aura and the bursts that can remove most bad status effects are totally worth it, IMO. You don't have to build an uber cleric to qualify for this, and once you try it, I promise you won't be disappointed. Run your first necro quest, let the undead swamp you, and throw one burst. Poof.

I know a lot of folks go on and on about how anything but a pure cleric will fail, but that is just their opinion.

If you are looking for a cleric that has some self sufficiency in weapon swinging, add your level up stat points in strength and put some enhancements into this. If you are looking for something that has stronger offensive spells, then max your wisdom, and take the enhancements for it.

I've found that making a battle cleric isn't quite as easy as you might think. As you progress to the higher levels, poor damage and a not-optimal to-hit begin to really take their toll. Of course the buffs make up for some of that, but not all. I'm finding that having some really powerful spells is where the gravy train is. I'd much rather throw up a blade barrier and a cometfall. It's far quicker than spending 20 minutes hacking away at the mobs.

05-02-2011, 05:26 PM
So what race should I be going for with this class?