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Before You Start

First thing's first, you need ingredients bags. Go to The Twelve and get your free one if you haven't already. (Note: The door to the patron is currently blocked; to get inside, stand next to the door pressed against the wall and click the side of the door.) If you have at least 12,000 platinum, buying a small ingredients bag (~8k plat) from the general vendor in House J or House P will help a great deal. I use both the tiny and small bags and am glad to have them both.

Next, manage your expectations. You're not going to be able to make that +5 Holy Burst Khopesh of Greater Evil Outsider Bane anytime soon; that kind of power will take many hours of grinding to achieve.

Don't start with "clean" gear -- gear that only has one attribute to keep its minimum level down -- because even lowly level 5 gear will require a crafting level in the 30s for that school. Instead, combine low-level attributes that are all useful. (My starter project will be a +2 Impact Warhammer of Everbright to fight oozes and rust monsters.)


Go run a few chest-heavy quests like Waterworks or Redwillow's Ruins or whatever. The gear you find can be broken down into essences, plus there's a good chance you'll get some large essences in those chests as well, which will give you a huge head start.

If your collectable bags are overflowing, turn them in. The gear you get back from collectable turn-in can also be broken down into essences.

Once your backpack is chock full of trash loot, head to House K to start your first crafting session. The crafting area is right next to the gate to the market. Once inside the crafting area, go to the vendor and buy 10 each of the prefix and suffix stripping ingredients.

You won't need any disjunction until you're ready to make something useful, which won't be for a while. And the "knife" ingredient isn't useful in the beginning because even a lowly +1 enhancement requires level 10 arcane, meaning you can't do anything with it when you're first starting out.

Gather Essences

Strip down all your trash loot using the stripping ingredients in the left-most machine. Only strip prefixes and suffixes. Also, don't worry (or even pay attention to) what schools the effects are for. When an item has both a prefix and a suffix, just strip off whatever sounds more powerful.

Note: You can only deconstruct an item once, and you can only get back the essences for one thing: the prefix, the suffix, or the enhancement bonus. When you create a blank, you get nothing back except the blank.

You get no crafting xp for stripping items down, so you'll still be level 1 in all schools at this point.

Leveling Up

Once all your loot is stripped down into essences, you'll want to start gaining xp through creating shards. At low levels, creating a shard will cost 4 lesser essences of any one type. If you have any large essences from the questing just before you started -- or if you're lucky, from deconstruction -- each one can be transmuted into 5 lesser essences at the crafting vendor.

Open the shard machine -- it's the one in the middle -- and add 4 lesser essences of any one type to the recipe list. (It doesn't matter what specific essence you do, as you'll be doing all the ones you have at least four of.) On the left you'll now see a list of recipes. Find the recipe you want, click on it and it'll automatically add the rest of the ingredients you need. Then click "transmute" to try and make your shard. Lather, rinse, repeat until you run out of lesser essences.

Base xp for creating a shard at your level is 10, with 100% chance of success. You get 11 xp with 90% chance of success at level or two above you, but this isn't as efficient. (10 * 10 = 100, 11 * 9 = 99.) Optimal efficiency is 13 at 80%, (13 * 8 = 104) but that means you sometimes fail. Failing a recipe of four lesser essences means you lose one lesser essence, so it's not the end of the world.

Creating the same shard over and over reduces the xp you get from makingt it, so you have to keep changing it up. Don't worry, though, each recipe shows you how much xp it's worth and what % chance you have for success, so you won't have to keep track of anything yourself. Just look for recipes worth 10 @ 100%, 11 @ 95% and 13 @ 80%.

Once you run out of essences, go ahead and manually destroy all the shards you created by dragging them out of your inventory. You've now been introduced to crafting, and are probably already up to level 4 or 5 in all three schools.


At the shard machine, you can search for any effect you want to add to an item and it'll tell you everything you need to know to make an item with that effect. It'll tell you the school, the level, and exactly how many and what types of shards you need.

Creating Blanks

When you creat a blank, guild augment slots and base material are preserved. Meaning you can create a mithral blank with a guild augment slot and it'll still be mithral and have that guild augment slot when you're done crafting it.

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Race restrictions are also retained, meaning you can craft something with a lower minimum level to equip. Note: This lower minimum level won't reduce the crafting levels needed.

This point isn't true, race restrictions are not maintained when creating a blank.

At present the crafting system is very limited. Don't look at the third tier altar (the one where you combine shards with items) to decide what to craft, as many of the recipes on this altar require shards for which there are currently no crafting recipes.

EDIT: Have some information here. Some of it from Lam beta, some from live. http://kitgreen.wordpress.com/ddo/

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Cool, thanks, I removed that bit.

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Here's another good link to DDOWIKI about crafting.


I haven't looked through the entire article yet (it's pretty long) but it appears to be very comprehensive.

Just thought I'd share another resource that was shared with me.

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If your collectable bags are overflowing, turn them in. The gear you get back from collectable turn-in can also be broken down into essences.

Before turning in ALL your collectibles, keep in mind that more collectibles have been gone from merely being collectibles, to now also being ingredients.