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04-26-2011, 07:15 PM
I know this has been probable said 1000 times before but im going to say this again

Can we please have a means to transfer funds via the shared bank account to our other toons the current method of doing so is beyond stupid at a cap of 9999plt 9999gold 9999 silver 9999 copper through the mail system or having to shanghai a guild member to hold a large amount of cash for you wile you change toons is also well not the best idea. as not everyone is in a guild and not everyone trust there fellow guildies to hold large sums of cash for them.

we already have a shared bank acount system i dont see why it would be such a effort to be able to deposit a large sum of cash into it and be able to retrieve cash from it from our other toons on the same account.

as for security of it well lets face it if some one can get onto your account to steal it from the shared bank then they can steal it from any of the toons that might have been holding it anyway seeing as there is no lock down system in place

But speaking from a person who has had to transfer funds to several other of my toons on the same account there has got to be a better way of doing this with systems that already are in place just need a little added coding dang sure a hole lot less coding then anything in the last few updates..

lastly this hole bound to charter thing.. And let me say this right up front that in most cases i dont have a problem with bound to account But there are a **** load of things i don't know why they are being bound to toon.

example dragon touched armour

wile i have no problem with the flagging gems you need to collect to do SOS being bound to toon I do really wonder why should the ruins you need to add stuff to your DT need to be bound to toon. at the very lest i feel they should be bound to account.

as for being unbound altogether there is plenty of presidense for this view to IE the ruins you get from giant hold are not bound at all yet as well as flagging you can use them to make armour. also the scales you farm from TOR are used to make armour and yet unbound in any way shape or form. as for Green-steal well lets see

the pie peices are bound to toon but the blank and all the other stuff to make the blank are not bound at all
the shards are bound to toon... where as i think they should be bound to account or not bound at all.
all the mats other then that are unbound.

so with those kinds of things already in the system isn't it time to back off a little on the bound to toon on DT ruins at the very lest make them bound to account.

this is just a very small example of a long list of things that are bound to toon that really should not be and at the very lest deserved to be backed down to bound to account if not even unbound in many cases..

Yes I know the evil plat farmers will screw up the eco.... blah blah blah... well bound to account would not affect that one way or the other.

04-28-2011, 09:15 AM
First off, by themselves, TOR scales, GH Relics, GS Materials have no "powers". DT armor runes do. This makes the runes more powerful. I agree they should be bound to account (I have a tank that has 2 Wisdom runes....*** does he need wis runes for?) but not unbound all together. Look at the price of Large Devil Scales/Stones. The prices of these Runes would be even higher for some.

As for the money transfer via shared bank.....DEFINATELY.

05-02-2011, 02:27 AM